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THERE IS A SAYING “It takes a village to raise a child” – In the case of The Chimes it takes five villages to produce a magazine! We rely completely on volunteers to bring each issue to you. However, we need to fill several roles if our magazine is to continue. We are in urgent need of more people to come forward in order to keep this much-loved publication going.
The ethos of The Chimes is to be recognised as the provider of news and information by our villagers, about our villages. “A local magazine for local people”!
Published for over three decades, originally as a church newsletter, The Chimes has broadened out to become the inclusive, informative and much-loved magazine which it is today. Delivered to your door 10 times a year, it is completely free and is funded by advertising revenue. BUT, and this is a big but, it does not produce itself. It is produced WHOLLY by volunteers, a dedicated team of Sub Editors who collect and collate the content sent in by their villages, Editors, who pull that information together into the magazine which you see, and then our brilliant distribution team who sort and deliver the printed magazine to your door. Not forgetting our Treasurer, Website Manager, Advertising Manager, Distribution Coordinator and our Secretary. Between us we bring you a local magazine which is full of information about local events and parish council minutes as well as church services and events. 
2023 was a challenging year, in part due to escalating printing costs and many long-term advertisers opting to take their advertising on-line and out of the magazine. We have also increased the print run to take account of new housing developments in our villages. 

THE BIGGEST ISSUE FACING THIS MAGAZINE is a serious lack of volunteers. In recent months, due to ill-health, relocation and retirement, we have lost an editor, a village sub-editor and two distribution co-ordinators and need more local distributors to deal with our increased circulation. If these positions cannot be filled promptly then the future of the magazine is at risk. 

Whilst the Editor can be located anywhere (one of our editors lives in the north-west), the other positions require someone from the local area. Could you be our next Aston Ingham Sub-Editor, join our dedicated team of Editors or help with the distribution process??

PLEASE STEP FORWARD NOW TO JOIN US. We will provide a full job description, training where needed and shadowing when you join the team. We are a friendly bunch and meet as a team three or four times a year, usually at The Alma Inn at Linton. To find out more and/or volunteer email or ring any one of the Editors, Francine, Olena and Carole. Contact details are on page 54 at the back of the magazine.

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