Christian Aid Week 15-21 May

Your gift this Christian Aid Week will help families battling poverty worldwide. On the Christian Aid envelope this year is a lady called Jessica Mwedzi from Zimbabwe she is a mother trying to do the best for her family but drought makes everyday life a struggle for survival. ‘ The scorching sun burnt my crops,’ she says. ‘My children crave a decent meal, but I can’t provide.’ A £5 donation could help her to grow seeds that will survive in this harsh climate. You can find out more about Jessica on the Christian Aid Website You can also donate on the website as it is not always possible to deliver the envelopes in rural areas.

Christian Aid is just one of the many ways in which Christians help people all over the world. Or Lent appeal has raised just over £1,000 for the Ukrainian refugees a big thank you to all your kind donations. 

Many people will be suffering from the cost of living crisis our churches regularly donate to the Ross food bank to help people in need in our local area. In the Church of England Christians are encouraged to donate 5% of their take home pay.

Christian Stewardship is when church members give a share of their time, talents and money to support the work of the church. The traditional gift was the tithe, or one-tenth. There are many references to tithes in the Old Testament such as ?Leviticus 27.30-32, ‘Every tithe on land, whether from grain or from fruit of a tree belongs to the Lord…’ 
In the NewTestament St Paul writes in 2Corinthians 9-7 ‘ Each person should give as he has decided for himself; there should be no reluctance, no sense of compulsion; God loves a cheerful giver.’ Thank you for your very kind donations, I know they will very much appreciated. 


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