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November’s total was 76.3mm at just about the average. A wet start; 32.5mm over the first 4 days and another wet spell from the 8th to the 12th of 33.7mm. Between and up to the 20th some rain was recorded each day. Finally on the 21st a northerly heralded a dry spell and some brightness. The month was mild until the 24th when it turned much colder with the first overnight frost of the autumn; this cold snap saw the month out. Two named storms; Ciaran (1st and 2nd) and Debi (13th); neither had much impact on usAn autumn total of 259mm, 20% more than average. A dryish September followed by a very wet October and average November. Overall warm, remember that heat wave in early September, with the only really cold spell in late November. December’s total was 124.1mm, about 70% more than the average. The cold snap started the month off with almost a hoar frost on the 2nd. Then it turned wet on the 3rd and 4th with a total of 33.7mm for the 2 days. Rain most days until the 14th, then the run up to Christmas was largely dry and very mild. Christmas day was grey and dull whilst Boxing Day was lovely until rain in the late evening. From then until New Year’s Eve it was very wet with a total of 48.6mm. Three named storms; Elin (9th); Fergus (10th) and Gerrit (27th). nothing of note for the first two and only the usual winter windy weather to go with the rain for Gerritt.
The year: total rainfall 809mm being 10% more than the average. A very, very dry February followed by a very, very wet March. Other dry months were June, August and September and wet months were July, October and December. A record breaking June for warmth and year also. June was the warmest summer month with July and August being rather unsettled. An eventful weather year for the UK  with temperature and rainfall records broken; warnings, including red ones, issued and a flurry of named storms.    

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