March recorded a total of 44.2mm of rain this being just below the average. Rain for the first three days before a dry period lasting to the 9th and then another wet spell to the 16th. Significant rainfall on the 11th (11.5mm); 12th (8.8mm) and 16th (11.7mm).


The rest of the month was dry until a small amount of rain on the 30th. During this dry period the high pressure that moved in brought warm air up from The Azores until we had a spell of late spring/early summer weather with sunny days and temperatures up in the mid teens.


It didn’t last as when the high pressure moved away it allowed in cold air all the way from The Arctic so that the month bowed out with a brisk and very chilly north-east wind and even some sporadic hail showers on the 31st. Still it was nice while it lasted. Oh and it was a stunning year for the wild daffodils.

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