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Weather Forecast

Rainfall of 96.6mm which was 30% more than average. November continued where October left off with most days wet; only 5 dry ones. The most rainfall was seen on the 13th and 14th with 34.6mm resulting in more flooding. So a very wet autumn with 294mm of rain (average 214mm).The first 3 weeks of September were largely dry but from the last week until the end of November most days saw some rain and those that didn’t weren’t much to write home about. And two serious floods. Into winter and December: rainfall of 95mm, also 30% more than average. The first named storm of the season – Atiyah – was around the 9th with a very windy spell but not much rain. That was over the 18th to 21st when there was 54.4mm with yet more flooding. Only two lovely winter days; Christmas Day itself and the 30th. So to the year: total rainfall 862mm, 20% up on the average. June was the wettest month (134.6mm) and also had the wettest day (the 7th with 36.5mm) and an awful autumn; wet, dreak and drear. But the year has to be remembered for warmth. The warmest winter day and summer day, the warmest Easter and August Bank Holiday Monday and finally the warmest December day, this in Scotland of all places – crazy.