October saw a total of 117mm which is about 50% more than average. The autumnal end to September continued into the first few days of October bowing out on the 4th with 25.8mm of rain! Things then calmed down and dry weather returned from the 5th to the 15th. It was also quite warm for October although sunshine, like in August, was in short supply with a lot of dull weather about. From the 16th sporadic rain returned although not large amounts and the temperatures remained higher than the October norm. The month ended though with some significant rainfall with the last 4 days giving 70.4mm with 31.4mm on the 28th; 16.1mm on the 29th and 20.3mm on the 30th. It was wet and there was a flood warning issued for The Wye. I do hope this isn’t a portent that when I report in The New Year I am not writing about rain, rain and yet more rain for the 3rd winter in a row. The last two winters have given us enough of that for a while. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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