The total rainfall in January was 94.8mm, about 25% more than average although it seemed much wetter. It was actually a mix of a winter month. There were cold spells (with some very chilly winds) and milder spells. We had snow on the 2nd and 8th, albeit not much and quite wet, and we awoke to some more substantial snow on the 24th, enough for a (small) snowman with a bit of effort. And a sprinkling of those winter days which are a real delight with frosty starts and calm days of blue skies and sunshine and some lovely sunsets. The 7th was of particular note as the overnight conditions resulted in a hoar frost so that everything sparkled in the morning sun. But back to the rain; only small amounts until the 19th and 20th saw Storm Christophe blow in resulting in 27mm which was bad enough but much more fell in the Welsh hills resulting in once again high river levels and flooding of property and houses for the second winter in a row. A brief respite before another very wet spell over the 27th to the 30th resulted in a total of 46.4mm.  

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