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Happy New Year!

Hopefully our front page message will have piqued your curiosity - sadly here at The Chimes we have a desperate shortage of volunteers due to retirement, relocation and ill health. As one sub-editor relocated we lost that role as well as an area distributor and an advertiser!! The magazine is produced WHOLLY by volunteers and unless we can recruit more there is a serious possibility that we will be unable to continue. The details of each position are included in the centre and following pages. Please consider whether you can spare a little time to become part of our team.

On a brighter note - Our villages are back in full swing and preparing for pop-up pubs, Lent walks,Big Questions, a jigsaw jiggle and a pancake race. Not to mention music nights, a talk about photography and, as always, Flicks in the Sticks.

Enjoy the first magazine of 2024.
Stay well


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