Copy deadline for March edition - Saturday 8th February

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Welcome to this first edition of Chimes for 2020. Happy New Year to all our readers, contributors, distributors and advertisers.

As I’m sure you’re aware 2020 is a leap year and our centre page articles detail why we need a leap year and some of the many traditions and beliefs which people around the world follow for Valentines Day and leap year.
As always there’s lots going on in the villages, from Downton Abbey at Flicks in the Sticks, to quiz nights, vegan supper club and pancake pandemonium !!
All of which, I’m sure will be well supported.

I’m writing this in a brief lull from the rain. For once we have blue skies and frosty mornings and what a joy it is to see them. Rob the Rainman’s report shows just what  a dull and dreary autumn and winter we’ve had so far.
But, the snowdrops and daffodils are now poking through the ground and  hopefully, we will soon feel spring in the air.