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Finally it feels like we have turned a corner and summer is on the way! This month I have been really appreciating all the beautiful wild flowers that are growing in our verges, chuchyards, woodlands, orchards….and gardens!  
I have had a change of heart - earlier on this month I was aghast to see how many dandelions had popped up in our lawn, seemingly overnight; my initial thoughts were to “seek and destroy” to stop them from spreading.  A quick Google search revealed that each dandelion head contains over 200 seeds!  However it soon became apparent that my efforts to curtail their spread was futile and instead I started to see them in all their glory, as they turned from cheery yellow sunbursts to whispy delicate silver balls.  
There was a week in May when it felt like the local orchard had been transformed into a magical fairy kingdom, when literally thousands of fluffy white dandelion heads coincided with apple trees bursting with soft pink-white blossom - my photo on the front page of the magazine doesn’t do it justice!  
This June edition is full of information on local events happening in our villages. The Linton Festival has a great line-up in store for us as it returns for its 22nd year. Details can be found on the centre pages.  
Inside we also have lots of news about local societies and clubs for you to get involved with!  As always, if you have anything to share, please get in touch.
It’s been a pleasure to edit this month’s magazine. 


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