I think all of us at some point (perhaps often!) over the last few weeks have thought those two little words “I’m Bored”.  As I write this Editorial it is half term and I am struggling to think of interesting activities to do with the kids.  
But as I have been working on The Chimes I have been inspired; actually there is a lot to get involved in and enjoy - even during lockdown - in this beautiful part of the country we live in.
I would urge you to read all of the village sections (not just the village you live in) to find out more.  We have informative and inspiring pieces on nature, wildlife, craft activities, fairy door trails and virtual trips to Jerusalem, to name a few! 
And as many of us have now had “the jab”, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Within the pages of The Chimes we are beginning to hear murmurings of future events that are being planned within our villages.  I am hopeful that next month we will see even more news on summer events so that we can start to populate our barren 2021 diaries! 
I encourage you to continue to send in news (and pictures) that you think might be of interest to Chimes readers; have you learnt a new skill, found out about a new local activity, or just taken a funny photo?  Please keep talking to us.
We hope you enjoy the March Chimes and find something to inspire you.


Copy deadline for April edition - Saturday 6th March