I am writing this in glorious sunshine at the end of May and hasn't it been a wonderful Spring (weather wise at least). BUT for so many people this has been a truly dreadful time. Loneliness and grief due the loss of relatives and friends, businesses forced to close, livelihoods lost, homes at risk, the fear of rising debt. So the list goes on. Not even the two World Wars of last century managed to close our churches or pubs as this virus has managed to do! On a more positive side, as our "virtual" magazine shows, community spirit has never been better and seemingly endless ideas and methods are occurring to enable "life" to go ahead as much as possible. For example Upton Bishop is hosting their Annual Fete virtually, with competitions open to everyone, not just Upton Bishop residents, so why not give it a go! In Gorsley many locals entered a "bake off" competition to celebrate VE day. The entries were judged by photographs and some of the impressive results can be seen on Gorsley News. Finally two Lea residents have set up a "Lock down" radio station, playing dedications to help keep friends and families in touch. The station is called "Unite the Beat" and full details can be found on our centre page feature. I hope that our July edition will continue to spread more good news and that some aspects of our lives may slowly be returning to a degree of normality when that comes out. Please support our advertisers and other local businesses as much as possible when you are able and when they are able to start opening their doors or supplying their services again. In the meantime enjoy this edition and keep safe and well my friends.


Copy deadline for July edition - Saturday 13th July