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Ladies, you have done Herefordshire proud! We cannot thank you enough for responding to the Hospital's request. Please pass on our appreciation to all the members who raided their linen cupboards, cajoled neighbours and friends for fabric and dived into their stash. The bags came in beautifully sewn in all colours and hues, some even had messages for the NHS workers and a lady who didn't sew knitted dolls with their face masks on which brought a smile to everyone's face. We have now met Hereford Hospital's scrub bag objective so we can stand down for now. The total so far is 1,846. Well done everybody!

Now that we can officially venture a little further from our gardens for our exercise, here are three suggested walks starting in Aston Ingham:

1 From the Village Hall, cross over the road and turn left towards the Church.
2 After the graveyard entrance on the right take a driveway on your right leading to Aston Court Farm and pass through the farmyard bearing left to a field gate and stile. Once over this stile bear right uphill heading towards another field gate and stile.
3 Go over this stile. The path is diagonally across this field towards a large oak and then continue on the same line to a footbridge.
4 Cross over this bridge and head diagonally left towards a gap (or temporary gate) in the field 
boundary. Continue through this gap/gate with the hedge on your right, passing some old farm buildings on your left you will come out on a driveway/track. Turn right.
5 At the junction with the road proper turn left.
6 At the next junction turn left again signposted Aston Crews/Lea, passing several houses on your left and right. After approximately 500 yards you will come to a footpath sign on your left. 
7 Take this path and head in the direction of a tree and pond in the middle of the field. Continue on this line to a stile.

8 Cross this stile and continue over one more stile with the field boundary on your left until you come to a very muddy ford. Cross this ford the best way you can (you may find it easier if you cross well to the right)
9 Once over the ford continue on the same line crossing 2 more stiles until you reach the B4222. 
Turn left through the Church yard back to the hall.
This walk can be very muddy. Approximate distance is 2 miles. 
Please keep dogs under control

1 From the Village Hall cross over the road and go up Aston Bank. At the top take the footpath on your right and head slightly diagonally right towards a bridge in the fence. 
2 Cross over 4 fields and stiles in the same direction until you reach a road. 
3 Turn right and walk about 100yds until you reach a stile on your right. Cross over this stile and head diagonally towards the far corner of the field until you reach a footbridge. 
4 Once over the bridge turn right and go through a metal field gate, once through the gate, keep the hedge on your left until you reach a kissing gate onto a road. 
5 Cross the road and head slightly to your right to a footbridge and gate. 
6 Cross this field, continuing in the same direction towards the wood. You will see 2 footpath gates go through the right gate.  
7 Keeping the wood on your left follow this path until you reach Oak Lane. Turn right to the main road and then left back to the Village Hall.
Approximate distance 2 miles Please keep your dogs under control



1 Leave the Village Hall heading away from the Church on the B4221 to Oak Lane on your right. Turn here and walk uphill for approximately 1/4mile to a footpath sign on your left.
2 Take this path (keeping the wood on your right) passing over a bridge and stile.
3 Turn immediately right over another stile heading diagonally left uphill following the way mark signs. 4 At the top of the first rise look out for a way mark sign pointing right. Continue in this direction keeping the wood on your left crossing 3 stiles and following the way mark signs. 
5 Look out for a stile on your left into the wood. Cross this stile and turn left heading downhill. 
Depending on the time of year there is quite a show of wildflowers on this section. Walk downhill through some recent coppicing until you come to a way mark post.
6 Bare left to a bridge and gate. Turn left and immediately left again to a gate. 
7 Pass through this gate and keeping the wood on your left pass through 2 more gates until you reach the stile and bridge you passed earlier in your walk. Retrace your steps to the Village Hall.
This walk can be muddy through Reslaw Wood.
Approximate length 2 miles
Approximate time 1 hour
Please keep your dogs under control

While it is great that in these difficult times, more people are taking advantage of their enforced free time to get out and exercise in our beautiful countryside, sadly many livestock farmers have seen an increase in dog attacks, mainly to sheep, and to stock getting out due to gates being left open. If you are following footpaths through fields with sheep grazing, please keep your dog on a lead (even if they have good recall skills generally) and use stiles where possible, or if you have to open a gate make sure it is firmly shut behind you. Please take all your rubbish home, especially “poo bags”. Plastic waste can easily block up a sheep or cow’s digestive system resulting in a painful and unnecessary death. Thank you.



Although the Covid 19 Pandemic has prevented any cricket being played so far in 2020, the club has made a lot of progress. Mill Meadow, adjacent to Stockings Field will be the new home for the 3rd XI. Some junior matches will also be played at the new ground, and the club hopes going forward a ladies team may make the new ground their headquarters. Much work has already taken place on developing the new square and the outfield.
Work has also started at Stockings Field on the new Pavilion extension, which will enable the communal area to be larger, increase also the changing room sizes, and add a female changing facility.
There is hope that some cricket may be able to be played later in the season, we all await with baited breath that the pandemic is got under control and we are allowed to play some cricket, and hope the weather lasts!

The bridge on the footpath which runs from Mill Lane to Lanx Cottage, on the Aston Ingham road has collapsed due to erosion of the bank of the Ell Brook. The ford adjacent to the bridge can be used but it is best to wear wellies. For more details & a map check out our dedicated Walks page. It will remain out of use for some considerable period as repairs will be carried out by Balfour Beatty when resources become available. Any problems please contact Richard Potter See online magazine for contact details.


The Church is shut at the moment but usually open during daylight hours. For future services please check notice boards. Prayers are usually said on Mondays at 5.30pm with our Rector David Howell.


If anyone would like to join our flower rota or provide flowers please contact Sue See online magazine for contact details. You don`t need to be an expert at arranging flowers and they can be from the garden, hedgerow or shop. Any help would be most welcome.


If you would like to help with this in any way, please contact John Whatley, Churchwarden on See online magazine for contact details. If anyone would like to join our cleaning rota please contact Janet See online magazine for contact details. To make the job easier we split the Church into sections so no one person has too much to do, obviously the more helpers the less work for everybody.


In the porch of Church is a box for tins/jars/cartons, so next time you fill your trolley pop in something for those less fortunate than ourselves it will be so appreciated. Donations must have at least three months left of their use by date. Most needed items are tins of meat, vegetables and long life milk.
A donation point is now in Aston Ingham Village Hall as well as the Church. Items most needed include milk, breakfast cereal, sugar, tins of rice pudding and custard


Cubs Great News! Cubs Is on Wednesday evenings at 18:15 in the Hut. The Cubs are getting on well with their new Pack and have an exciting programme organised for the Autumn Term. There are still vacancies for Boys and Girls aged 8 -10½ so we look forward to seeing you there.   Join the adventure!

Scouts We are also keen to re-establish the Scout Troop so would love to hear from young people between 10½ and 14 years who are interested in joining.

Beavers Finally to make full use of our superb Hut across all ages, we are looking for willing adult volunteers to lead a Beaver Colony for boys and girls between 6 and 8 years old. Just to highlight what Beavers are about, here is an extract from the Scout website. ‘Beavers are our youngest members, and generally meet for an hour per week. They enjoy all that Scouting has to offer; being introduced to outdoor activities, having the opportunity to be creative, explore their local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout Sleepover with their friends.’ Please get in touch if you feel you could help in this. Email See online magazine for contact details.




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The below notes are an abbreviation of the unconfirmed minutes. For a more detailed account and complete minutes when approved, see the website.

meetings are currently cancelled

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