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Interim Sub-Editor: Angela Kirton
Detail on PDF copy on home page
Hello everyone. We are still looking for a new sub-editor for the Aston Ingham news section, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, do please point them towards the advert in this edition, which includes the contact details.  I will, meanwhile, do my best to edit these pages as well as Marilyn did for the 12 years she was your sub-editor.  A hard act to follow.

-    Everyone who decorated our Church for Christmas, provided mince pies or mulled wine to a full Church at our Carol Service.
-    Anthony & Barbara Butcher and David & Margaret Minett who, after many years, are retiring from helping to keep our Church open. They are replaced by Chris & Julia Yates and Andrew Coughey.
-    John & Dawn Bennett who, after many years are retiring, having maintained the hedges in the new Churchyard. 

This will be on February 4th evensong @4.30pm. This service is a local tradition dating back to 1859 and involves giving small loaves of bread, initially to the poor of our Parish.

This takes place on the third Sunday of every month. Thank you to Nic Walker who has spent time & effort in preparation and will be leading our services. Come along to give him support. Followed by refreshments.

If anyone would like to join our cleaning rota, please contact Janet
Detail on PDF copy on home page. To make the job easier we split the Church into sections so no one person has too much to do. The more helpers the less work for everyone.

Scaffolding has now been taken down, following repairs to the Church roof. Phase two will follow in the spring.


Mr Phillip Bendall of Sunnyside very sadly passed away on Monday the 1st of January aged 90. He had lived in Aston Ingham for over 70 years in the same house and he was one of the original founders of Aston Ingham bowling club, along with Eric Green.  His funeral will be held on Monday the 29th of January 2024 at Aston Ingham church at 1pm. 
Ann Houldey, Phillip’s daughter, writes that one of her father’s passions was hedge laying, for which he had done a considerable amount in the village.  He will be buried beside Ann’s mother, Jean Bendall, in Aston Ingham Churchyard. 
Ann’s mum and dad married at Aston Ingham church on 2nd of April 1955.  Jean’s maiden name was Gooch and some of the family still live in and around Kilcot.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 13th February. The speaker will be Fiona Morrison speaking on the life of Mrs Beaton. There will be a Programme Planning meeting on Tuesday 27th February at 2pm. All are welcome at our meetings.**

The next meeting is on Tuesday 20th February at 2pm in the Village Hall. All welcome, you don’t have to knit just come along and join in the natter. 

Will be on Friday 9th February at 2pm in the Village Hall. If you’d like to join us, please just come along you’d be made very welcome. We are a very friendly group and our bowling is non-competitive.**

Will be on Friday 2nd February at 7pm in the Village Hall. If you’d like to join us, you’d be most welcome. Any age, ability or gender. No partner needed.**

For details of the next meeting please contact Tania
Detail on PDF copy on home page

The next Village Hall Meeting is on Tuesday 6th February at 11.30am in the Village Hall Committee Room. To book the hall please contact Sue Harding
Detail on PDF copy on home page

We now have a wheelchair stored in the Village Hall for communal use. If you would like to borrow it, please contact Janet **


The next Pop-up Pub is on Saturday 17th February from 7pm to 10pm in Aston Ingham village hall. All are welcome to this relaxed and friendly evening! 

Will be on Friday 23rd February at 10.30am in the Village Hall. There will be our usual books, jigsaw puzzles and charity cards**


Leaflets for several walks are available on the front of the Village Hall or on the village website   **


Would you like to support your village hall and have the chance of winning cash prizes each month? Then join the new Aston Ingham Village Hall 100 Club. The size of the prize pot depends upon the number of members, so please sign up, the draw will take place at the monthly coffee morning. The cost will be £15 a year payable in advance by BACS/Cheque or cash. We will not ask for any payment until we are sure we have at least 50 members; we hope to have our first draw in April and each month thereafter. You can sign up at the coffee morning and other village events or email to register or get further information. All personal data will be subject to GDPR.


The village hall is being managed by a rapidly shrinking group of volunteers, so we are asking for help.  If you would like to join us on the committee you will be made very welcome, we run events in the hall and look after its general maintenance.  However, if you feel this is too big a commitment then we are inviting people to become Friends of Aston Ingham Village Hall, if you give us your details and information on how you can help and to what level – for example, we are looking for people who can assist with maintenance of the hall as required, you may be a retired builder or other trade that has the necessary knowledge and skills, you may be a keen cook and happy to assist with catering, or just be prepared to muck in with anything? If you are interested in going onto our register of friends, then please drop an email to the Chair – Julia Askew
Detail on PDF copy on home page    All personal data will be subject to GDPR.

Contact Janet Detail on PDF copy on home page


JANUARY MEETING ATTENDED BY Mr S. Smith (chair), Mrs A. Johnson, Mrs M. Pettit, Mr N. Smith, Mr J. Whatley, Mr C. Yates (councillors) & 2 parishioners.

Mr K. Stephens had contacted the Parish Council with concerns about B4222 in the village and is very frustrated at the lack of action. The ‘ratholes’ still have not been jetted and are not functioning properly, causing flooding on this stretch. Harry Bradbury (Locality Steward) has been contacted about this, but is still on paternity leave. The importance of keeping a log was reiterated,with photographic evidence where possible.
Issues to be photographed and reported to ‘Fix My Street’ –
1.Barrel Lane – dangerous drop at verge. 2.Babylon Farm – blocked drain.
3.Aston Crews - blocked drain.4.Potholes Chapman’s Place, Oaks Lane.           
SID. New opportunity for grant from West Mercia – letter of authorisation from Herefordshire Council and OS map showing locations required. Mr S. Smith had been in contact with potential vendors and prices are now more affordable. 
Our installations are now in place at five key points in the Parish. The rain gauge is measuring the amount of rainfall specific to our area. Three sensors at strategic points are measuring the amount of water flowing into the village, and all of these are sending data to the Gateway from which we will monitor and analyse the results. Members of the Flood Group were trained by the ANDEL technician just before Christmas and are now working with ANDEL to not only monitor & analyse data but also to set the flood alerts. With thanks to the Flood Group for their continual voluntary work and to Herefordshire Council, local farmers, Mr Lewis and Mr Stallard, and to John Whatley for their kind permissions in installing this vital equipment. We would welcome new members to our Flood Group which has been described as ‘pioneering’ by the Lead Flood Authority at Herefordshire Council. We meet at Aston Ingham Village Hall - 7pm the last Thursday of month
The Orles, Aston Ingham. 233510. Proposed construction of a new farm access and associated hardcore machinery track. The Parish Council supported this application but comments will mention the culvert and protection of SID base.
Mill Meadow, Mill Lane, Kilcot 233666. Retrospective application for change of use of agricultural land to a cricket pitch and siting of a storage container. The Parish Council supported this application, but would request that the storage container be repainted so that it blends better into the existing environment.
CLERK VACANCY The Clerk, Heather Hobbs, was thanked for her 30 years’ service to the council. Mrs Helena Smith has offered to step in to cover the clerk’s duties whilst awaiting applications for the post.
PRECEPT After discussion it was decided to pursue Budget Option 2. Consultation phase for 2024/5 will start at Annual Parish Meeting later this year.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Tuesday 6th February
The above notes are an abbreviation of the unconfirmed minutes. For a more detailed account and complete minutes when approved, please visit     
Email contact :-

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