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EDITORS NOTE In view of the new regulations please contact the organisers before attending any advertised events to confirm that they are  going ahead.​


Our first meeting since lockdown was held on Tuesday, 8th September. The speaker was Mary Sinclair Powell on the history of the British Legion.  It was a very interesting topic as Mary talked us through the many things that the Legion does other than the poppy appeal. Our meeting was very different from normal because of the restrictions in place due to Covid-19. Members were asked not to attend if feeling at all unwell. We asked members to use the hand sanitiser provided when arriving at the hall. Social distancing was in place at all times, including entering and leaving the hall. Members brought their own refreshments and everyone wore masks. Despite all the restrictions we did manage to have a most enjoyable afternoon. 

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 13th October at 2pm and our speaker will be Fiona Morrison talking about Mrs. Beaton.  Although the restrictions have changed we have been reliably informed that our meetings can go ahead as long as we abide by all the rules that are mentioned above and have no more than 30 members attending 

Visitors are always welcome please contact Janet click here to contact


We held our first Knit and Natter in August. Despite social distancing, mask wearing and therefore many misheard conversations we had a most enjoyable afternoon. Our afternoon is open to everyone, you don’t have to knit or natter but if you’d just like an afternoon with probably much needed social interaction please come along, you’d be most welcome. The same rules apply as for WI, see above. Our next Knit and Natter Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 20th October at 2pm, you will need to book a place so please contact Barbara click here to contact.

KEEP FIT FOR ALL: Michaela Johnson would like to re-start her Keep Fit Class at Aston Ingham Village Hall and will of course be following the current government guidelines.  If you are interested and would like more information please contact her on click here to contact.


The Village Hall is open, but the general Covid Rules apply. Please contact Hazel click here to contact for more details or to book the hall


Village Lunches, Book Club Coffee Morning, Country Dancing & Whist Drives are all cancelled until further notice.    

The Village Hall AGM will be on Tuesday, 24th November.     

There are several ways in which the NDP Steering Group will communicate with you about what is
taking place and also several ways in which you can have your say in return. We want to hear your views about future development in the Parish and also about what you think is important to protect, so please follow us on any of the ways that are listed below:-  
Facebook -  Aston Ingham - Your Future - The Neighbourhood Development Plan   
Website -
Email -
Twitter -    AstonInghamNDP


COMMUNITY LARDER: Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated food to the Community Larder box in Aston Ingham Church porch. Due to many more families needing support at this worrying time Ross Community Larder is now open for three hours every Tuesday 9 am - 12 opposite Lloyd’s Bank. 

In the porch of Church is a box for tins/jars/cartons, so next time you fill your trolley pop in something for those less fortunate than ourselves it will be so appreciated. Donations must have at least three months left of their use by date. Most needed items are tins of meat, vegetables and long life milk.
A donation point is now in Aston Ingham Village Hall as well as the Church. Items most needed include milk, breakfast cereal, sugar, tins of rice pudding and custard


Three additional walks have been added to the Village Website and are also available at the Village Hall Parish map. We have been advised by the Locality Steward that the bridge on footpath AG 8 is unlikely to be replaced in the next 12 months. Part of AG 8e and AG 8a can be walked without using the bridge. 
We have carried out quite a bit of footpath maintenance. Many of the stiles are in a deteriorated condition and will need replacing in the near future. We have requested the local landowner to clear the maize crop on AG 4 with no effect.

For more details & a map check out our dedicated Walks page. It will remain out of use for some considerable period as repairs will be carried out by Balfour Beatty when resources become available. Any problems please contact Richard Potter click here to contact


The Church is open during daylight hours. Prayers are usually said on Mondays at 5.30pm with our Rector David Howell.

Please check notice boards for future services.


If anyone would like to join our flower rota or provide flowers please contact Sue click here to contact You don`t need to be an expert at arranging flowers and they can be from the garden, hedgerow or shop. Any help would be most welcome.

CHURCH CLEANING; If anyone would like to join our cleaning rota please contact Janet click here to contact. To make the job easier we split the Church into sections so no one person has too much to do. The more helpers the less work for everyone.


If you would like to help with this in any way, please contact John Whatley, Churchwarden on click here to contact. If anyone would like to join our cleaning rota please contact Janet click here to contact. To make the job easier we split the Church into sections so no one person has too much to do, obviously the more helpers the less work for everybody.

A Note from Christine Roy

I always read  The Chimes and I found September's issue even better and more relevant than usual. The article on Traffic Action really resonated with me because we have spent so much of this summer sitting in our garden on Aston Bank. In those early weeks of April and May everything was so peaceful and the traffic on the road through the village was barely noticeable. By June we had become aware of increasing road noise . There seemed to be groups of fast and noisy cars sweeping through – I thought they might have been diverted by road works and were on an unusual route. There would be a short space of quiet – perhaps a couple of minutes – before the next group came thundering. The tractors made an even louder noise as they were driven at high speed, especially when they had empty trailers rattling behind them. Your article confirmed what I had suspected from observation – traffic is exceeding the 30 mph limit – and, apart from the noise, there is potential for a serious accident, especially for cars coming out of Aston Bank, where there are bends in both directions. And, as a former horse owner, I should be terrified to ride along the road, especially through Aston Ingham.
Secondly  -----   I wonder if there is space for your readers to share some observations and information on the Natural World and its creatures. We have all had so much more opportunity to notice the wild-life that infiltrates our gardens or which we meet on our walks and car trips. The highlights of our year so far have been, firstly, the beautiful kestrel that lives somewhere around Oak Lane. It dived right in front of our car and caught its prey in the off-side verge, giving us a wonderful chance to admire its markings. Another exciting sighting, and a first for me, was to meet a family of yellow wagtails along one of the back lanes. I believe these birds have taken to nesting on the ridges in potato fields. There was a brilliant male, a duller female and two fledglings. 
Maybe people have noticed with relief that there seem to be fewer magpies this year? We definitely believe they are much less in evidence and attribute this to a raven family that has nested in the village's tallest trees and taken over the magpies' viewpoint. We hope they have also predated on these smaller relations whose eggs and young would make a satisfactory meal for them! We watched them through our bedroom window for weeks as they courted, waited, began bringing food and fed their youngsters. Finally we enjoyed their youngsters' early attempts at flying.
Could someone give us news about Aston Ingham's hedgehogs, please? They had a very good breeding year last year, but the road claimed at least six victims. This year started well with a regular visitor, but since late April there has been no trace of them on our part of the Bank.
Lastly, the surrounding countryside must surely be of great interest to all of us, especially as we walk its paths. Would it be intrusive to ask our landholders to inform us about the steps they are taking/ have taken to care for the land they are entrusted with? Some of our surroundings are very special because they have been tended and planted to nurture the local plant-life etc. But why have so many fields been devoid of vegetation this year? Would we be entitled to ask the farmer for an explanation? Our concern is surely legitimate?




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No news has come in from the Parish Council this month. But for information or notice of the next meetings please  check the website.

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