The Big Skill are posting out FREE Crafts@Home stoneware Clay Mosaic Memory Tile kits to local residents. To order your free Clay Mosaic Memory Tiles kit (HR postcodes only) drop by

This kit contains enough Stoneware Clay to make one 20cm tile or up to 6 smaller tiles. Plus a post-paid mailing bag to return your tiles to the Big Skill for firing.
Your Mosaic Memory Tiles will be part of 2020 kiln-fired tiles spiralling around the base of the Remember and Rebuild Sculpture at Saxon Hall in Hereford. Capturing our community's memories of lockdown.

Having lived here for 40 years, and in the first of a series, we welcome Peter Lockwood’s inspiring observations on the world around him at Lea Bailey. A reminder if we needed one of what a truly wonderful part of England we live in.

On Monday 26th of January, with snow still on the ground and the temperature just hovering above zero, I went for a walk in the forest. The sky was blue, and the sun was shining (but it did feel chilly) when suddenly from somewhere above me came this most beautiful sound. Moving slowly and looking up I eventually found the source of this exultation. At the very top of a tall pine tree was a song thrush giving its all.  I then began to think that this is early in the year for a songbird to be claiming a territory. So, was it trying to impress a lady song thrush, one it had just seen in the area, or was it just a practice for the coming mating season? Or, as I believe, it was sung just for me? I loved it. So, leave your indoor lockdown cocoon and see if you can find a bird to sing for you. 


Linton & District History Society

We now have a much clearer idea of what will be possible over the forthcoming months, and therefore it will not be possible to resume meetings of the Society until October, 2021. For more information see our web site, contact Dorian Osborne click here to contact

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