The last draw for the 100 Club made lucky winners of Sue Whitmore, Dorothy & Eileen Mellor and Di Brice. Congratulations once again to everyone and thank you for supporting the village hall’s 100 Club.  

Well, as I write this we have gone into the second lockdown, which means unfortunately, there are no services at Lea Church at the moment, however, we are being positive and planning to have a Carol Service on Sunday 20th December at 6pm (please note there is no Sunday Morning service that day). This will be a Carol Service with a difference! We are working hard to arrange a service that everyone can enjoy! Watch the church noticeboard for details!! There will be a Said Communion on Christmas Morning at 9.30am. Regrettably we are unable to hold a Crib Service or Midnight Christmas Eve Service. However, I understand the Children's Church are working on an on-line version for the Crib Service.
My grateful thanks go to everyone who either filled a shoebox or completed one on-line for the Samaritans Purse 'Operation Christmas Child' I am delighted to say that even with Covid-19 problems we will be sending off 24 filled boxes and 8 online ones from the Ariconium Benefice!  There is still time to complete one online if you wish to do so. Just go to the website www.samaritans-purse.org.uk and follow the easy instructions!  It's great fun to pick and choose from the items. Once I know where the boxes have been sent to, I will let you all know! Please know that the joy and happiness you will bring to a child this Christmas is unbelievable! I have watched the videos sent through from the organisation and it has brought tears to my ears to see their little faces when they receive and unwrap their boxes. These children have so little, but they are amazed that someone so far away has thought of them! On behalf of all at Lea Church we would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year and hope that 2021 brings you all health and happiness. 
God Bless all!! Marion Martin

At the time of writing, there is news emerging that a vaccine might just be on the horizon. Whilst this comes as a great relief, it is realistic to expect the restrictions we face in our daily lives to continue for some time yet.  As part of the Church’s commitment to supporting those in need, a prayerline has been set up to respond to the need for prayer especially for those that find themselves unable to join any of the online church services or visit a church for quiet contemplation.  The number is FREE to call and open 24 hours a day – 0800 804 8044.

As this Chimes is being written, we are into the first week of the second lockdown and whilst it feels a little different to last time, it is clear that many of our friends and neighbours need support.  We don’t want anyone in our village to feel alone, struggle to cope, be worried about how they’ll manage during the lockdown or be self-isolating and have nobody to help them. Help is there for you. In the village contact the Lea Community Voluntary Support Group on the numbers below.
Leanne Pogson click here to contact
Susie Williams click here to contact
Sylvie Nicholls click here to contact
Please call between 9am and 1pm or between 5pm-6pm - this will help us to make best use of the time and resources we have available.Further support is available from Herefordshire Council’s Covid-19 Response Team.  To arrange their help and support, please complete our online support form, either for yourself or on behalf of someone you know, by visiting www.herefordshire.gov.uk/covid19help or by click here to contact. They will provide reassurance and support over the coming weeks, to help you to live well in your own home, for as long necessary.The WISH website (Wellbeing Information and Signposting for Herefordshire) provides information and links to over 100 local services and organisations, which are offering food delivery, groceries and online activities. These can really help make a difference when you are staying at home, especially if you live in more isolated areas. Visit www.wisherefordshire.org

Did you know that if you are struggling to get to GP, dental or hospital appointments, the Ross Area Transport volunteers may be able to help?  The volunteers use a wheelchair accessible vehicle (fondly called Mary after the lady that bequeathed her) to offer a door to door service, taking you to your appointment, waiting and then bringing you home again.  All socially distanced and thoroughly cleaned between users.  Transport can be for appointments in Hereford, Worcester, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol, South Wales and beyond if necessary.  Call the team click here to contact for more information.  Drivers give their time freely, but there is a charge for mileage.

Mark and Michelle Purkis have asked us to pass on their thanks to all the residents of Lea and the surrounding area for the support they’ve had following their purchase of the village shop.  “We’ve received a wonderful welcome from everyone!  We’re delighted to offer a free home delivery service for our ‘senior’ and less able customers if you are unable to visit the shop.  Please telephone click here to contact


We have had a busy start to the new half term with attendance at school generally better than usual which is great to report. We have also had a number of new children join our school or Nursery and we welcome their families to the local area. We are pleased to report that we have re-branded our preschool offering and it is now called The Gateway Lodge Nursery and we are offering Nursery and child care from the age of 2, between 7.45am and 5.30pm. This is really exciting for our school and our numbers are already growing in the Nursery.
Although we couldn’t hold our normal Harvest Festival in Church, each class put together their own Harvest presentation and then it was digitally put together so that each class could watch the whole presentation, which made for a special celebration at the end of the 1st half term. Parents generously donated a wonderful contribution which we were able to pass on to the Ross Larder. Thank you parents.In Willow Class (Year 1 and Year 2 children) we have had a wonderful start to the year finding out all about The Great Fire of London. We are really enjoying the topic linking our writing, history and artwork all together. We have found out and written diaries about Samuel Pepys; and about how the fire started and why it spread so quickly.


Cllr Mike Williams has been our school crossing patrol officer for many years, ensuring that our children can cross the busy A40 safely even at its busiest times.  Recently, there has been an incident of a driver failing to stop although Mike was still in the road and indicating for them to slow and stop.  Not only is this an unacceptable way to treat anyone, but the Road Traffic Act 1960 makes it very clear that the authority of the officer on patrol is paramount and failure to follow his/her instructions is a criminal offence. Please remember – Mike is helping your children or grandchildren to get to school or home safely.  A motorist’s desire to reach their destination quickly can never be an excuse to put anyone in danger and after all, it’s really only a few moments you might save.  The vehicle concerned in the recent event was reported to the Police. Thank you Mike for all you do.

It was sadly an inevitability that discarded facemasks would become a feature on our streets and sadly we’ve not been immune in the village to this sort of litter.  Please help by ensuring you dispose of facemasks carefully and safely into litter bins so they can’t fly out or, better still, take them home and dispose of them there.  Another reminder also – please clear up after your dog.  If you take your dog out then it’s not unreasonable to expect that it might need to do its business, so be a decent, responsible dog owner and do the right thing - carry your pooper scoop bags with you and clear up.  Bags should be taken home or disposed of in public waste bins please.  Instances of dog fouling on the footpaths leading to the school is particularly unpleasant.


For more information visit www.theleaparishcouncil.org.uk

CONTACT Clerk Jayne Dunstan on email clerk@theleaparishcouncil.org.uk 

AGENDA: Available on Parish Council Notice Board and the website.

AGENDA: Available on Parish Council Notice Board and the website

On Wednesday 4th November, Lea Parish Council held an on online PC meeting.  The agenda covered many aspects of what’s happening locally at the moment.After delays due to legal formalities the Lea Flood Alleviation scheme began.  The chairman reported: - pipe works nearing completion to the eastern end of the scheme; main flood wall construction undertaken alongside the brook; major ongoing ecology activity with newts, hedgehog and otter protection and an approach has been made to the owners of the petrol station to make arrangements for bus services during A40 closure. These arrangements to be finalised. Wider preparatory work is ongoing to keep works on programme. Reminder - the A40 will be closed for several days in the centre of Lea for pipework installation. Once in place, old and inadequate pipework will be capped to prevent flooding from the brook.A formal objection to the recent daytime closure of the A40 in Weston under Penyard for 2 weeks, provided an unsatisfactory response but a further complaint was ignored by HC. The current state of the A40 in Lea has been reported but there is no money to carry out work. Following pressure from the PC, white lining has been done and gutters swept.  The lengthsman continues to clear culverts so flooding is minimised. On at least one occasion recently a 9" diameter culvert in the village was running at full capacity thanks to the efforts of the lengthsman.
The PC has provided 5 self-closing gates to replace broken stiles with 2 more ordered. HC will supply 'kits' for landowners to install, but stiles are not what are needed, and landowners are not generally inclined to act. Having said that 2 stile kits and a replacement kissing gate have been supplied to one landowner and arrangements are in hand for installation. The PC agreed to provide a kissing gate to replace a damaged and unsafe stile elsewhere and another stile is to be made safe/replaced.
Various planning matters were considered including one for a proposed conversion and extension of an existing outbuilding at Birds Nest - refusal recommended. The second application was very worrying. The applicant sought 'prior approval under PART (Class ZA) Demolition of buildings and construction of new dwelling houses in their place’. This refers to a disused industrial unit at Castle End Farm. The proposal intends to build a 3-storey block of flats on the footprint of the old building. This would be completely against Lea NDP policies and would be totally out of place in a rural village. A detailed recommendation for refusal has been submitted. (The applicant is using a new Permitted Development Order which came into effect on 31st August 2020.)
Matters related to funding for the year 2021/2022 were considered and a draft budget agreed which will be finalised in December. Existing financial support for grass cutting at the church and the village hall has been maintained or increased and potential project funding for the village hall and elsewhere has been identified.
If you would like to ‘attend’ a PC meeting that is being held online, please ask the Parish Clerk who will send you details of how to join the meeting.  Please note – normal meeting protocols will be observed, whereby members of the public should only speak when the Chairman indicates.  The Clerk may use the ‘mute’ facility as appropriate to ensure the meeting proceeds efficiently.

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