As you may have read in last month’s Chimes, Nicky is standing down as joint sub-editor for Lea.  Looking back through previous editions (which are available to all online at ‘thechimes.org.uk Previous Copies’), it was Feb. 2018 front cover that carried the message ‘Welcome To Lea’ as our village became part of the Chimes group.  Of course, gathering and editing news and information from the village starts a month or more prior to publication, which means that Nicky and I have worked together sharing this role for nearly 4 years!  It’s been sometimes hectic but always fun and I am personally going to miss her great ability to whittle words and emotions into place with simple clarity.  The Lea pages have bloomed from her knack of turning black and white draft into colour copy. A huge thank you Nicky, from myself, from the Chimes Team and from the village of Lea.


Well Autumn has arrived and our Harvest Festival was celebrated accordingly. It was good to see so many people there for the service.  The Remembrance Day service will take place on 14th November at 10.50 (this year inside the church!) and all are welcome to attend. I always feel that once Remembrance Day has been commemorated, it's all then downhill to Christmas! To help you get in the Christmas mood we will be holding our annual Craft Fayre and Soup Kitchen on Saturday 20th November from 11am-2pm. There will be the usual raffle for the Christmas Hamper, our local produce stall including home-made cakes, biscuits, Christmas mincemeat, preserves and all sorts of goodies plus, of course, the lovely stalls with all their fabulous products. If you have never been before do come along, you're in for a treat! We will have home-made refreshments available too! We will be holding the Village Carol Service again this year outside the Village Hall on Sunday 19th December at 6pm. There will be mulled wine and mince pies this time! Look forward to seeing you there.  The Shoebox Appeal is up and running, if you have a filled shoebox for collection, please ring click here to contact  and I will arrange to collect from you. I need all the boxes by 10th November please. If you can't do a physical box, you can always do one online, just go www.samaritans-purse.org.uk and follow the links. Keep safe everyone and enjoy the Autumn. God Bless all
Marion Martin, Churchwarden


Lea Friday Painters would like to thank everyone who supported their Macmillan coffee morning in September.  Our efforts raised £120. Thank you again.  Di Brice

Hello everyone - not quite such a long report this month as things seems to be ticking over nicely now at the hall and long may it continue. The regular groups are now back in the swing of things, and I’m pleased to say that the bowlers have even booked some league matches as well as their regular Tuesday evening slot. We have a new regular user too, the Spanish classes on a Monday morning. There has also been a noticeable increase in the number of outside bookings for parties etc which good news as it not only provides a steady income, it’s also so good to see the hall being used by the community. That takes me on to the subject of booking the hall for an event. I’m very pleased to say that due to the power of the Chimes we have managed to find a new booking secretary much quicker than I thought we would. Her name is Anne Vaudin and she can be contacted on click here to contact . She will be pleased to answer your enquiry and help with your booking. Anne is new to the village and we hope she’ll be happy here and we are very grateful for her offer. The other new event this month is the return of Flicks in the Sticks. We have a new season booked for the second Wednesday evening of each month right through until April. Following covid there is a long list of very good films for us to choose from. The first one, called ‘After Love’, is on Wednesday November 10th at 7.30. Tickets are £5.00 each payable at the door, this includes free tea and biscuits. Come along and join us.
Jacky Hopkins 

Bell ringing has now resumed and we’re pleased that so many have commented on how much they've missed the sound of the bells over the last year or so. The nature of the bell towers meant that it was difficult for the bells to be run whilst still maintaining social distancing and ringing with a mask on proved impossible for many ringers. Hopefully now though, we’ve put all that behind us and you will hear the bells being rung at the various local churches on Sundays as well as Monday practice night. We’re a friendly group and and there’s always a lot of laughter, so if you’re interested in ringing with us or would like to find out more about learning how to ring, then please contact Mike Williams  or Nicky Keef click here to contact 

Great to see some more new faces at the coffee morning again this month.  There is no membership and no commitment – every Lea resident is most warmly welcome to drop in any time on the first Wednesday of each month between 10 and 12.  We will be running a raffle at the next one (which falls on Weds. 1st Nov.) and it would be great to hear from anyone who can offer a small prize.  Contact Gill click here to contact 

Congratulations to this month’s winners – Sylvie Nicholls, Sarah Lowe and Bob Kerr and special congratulations to the £100 prize winner Gill Davis! Thank you everyone for your continued support.

With Christmas approaching, there won’t be a Lea Lunch Club in November, however we are pleased to confirm that the Nourse Charity Pensioners’ Lunch will once again be held in conjunction with the Lea Lunch Club. You’ll be welcomed with a glass of mulled wine followed by a festive two-course lunch prepared by our usual chef Wendy. Coffee and mince pies will be served whilst we are entertained by a special guest that is sure to delight! This is a free lunch, open to all Lea residents of ‘pension’ age as well as our regular lunch club guests and is supported by the Nourse Charity. The date is Weds. 8th December and places are limited so early booking is essential - please call Nicky click here to contact 


Lea Café Coffee Morning        Lea Village Hall            3rd November 10am
Lea PC Meeting                Lea Village Hall            3rd November 7.30pm    
Flicks in the Sticks            Lea Village Hall            10th November 7.30pm
Remembrance Day Service    Lea Church                14th November 10.50am
Church Christmas Fayre        Lea Village Hall            20th November 11am-2pm
Lea Lunch Club                Lea Village Hall            8th December Midday

Rainbow Class have been making the most of their new outdoor environment.  Being outside allows children to express themselves freely and unlike an indoor classroom, there are no space constraints, meaning children can jump, shout and explore to their hearts content.  Outdoor play in early years is a key part of children’s development, helping them to develop communication and social skills.  Activities that take place outdoors, such as den-building, construction and playing in the mud kitchen are often collaborative activities that encourage children to talk, listen, ask questions and share ideas.  It encourages independence. 
The extra space offered outdoors gives the children a sense of freedom to make discoveries by themselves, developing their own ideas and activities to take part in with their friends without feeling like they’re being directly supervised. They learn what they can do by themselves and develop a ‘can do’ attitude, which will act as a solid foundation for future learning. Children who learn to play outdoors are much more likely to continue to enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, running and cycling as they get older. It fosters an appreciation of nature and the environment. We are so lucky to have this outdoor facility as part of the school



If you live in any of the villages in the Chimes area, then I am sure you will have noticed speeding traffic. For Aston Ingham where I live, we have statistics collected over several years now to show how bad the problem is, I won't bore you with numbers, but a high percentage of car drivers chose to ignore the limits. This is not a minor issue, it blights the lives of people who live along the road trying to get out from drives and side roads, it increases traffic noise, it is very dangerous for pedestrians walking in many cases without pavements, there are blind bends and narrowing of roads, all situations where drivers need to take extra care. Traffic calming initiatives may have been put in; SIDs and signs and white lines, but this all takes time, effort and money and even then, many drivers ignore these initiatives. The biggest change needed is in people's attitude when they are driving and as this magazine goes to everyone in our area, this is a heartfelt plea to all of you to check your speed as you enter villages and roads with speed limits, and even on those with the national limit, going faster than 30 or 40 may not be appropriate. It is so easy to forget to slow down at the change of speed limit. If we, the locals support each other and our communities and stick to the limits it would be a great move in the right direction, increase road safety for all users and have the added bonus of slowing down other traffic behind us. Travelling half a mile through a village at 30mph takes 1 minute and at 40mph it takes 45 seconds. Is it worth saving 15 seconds of time for all of the impacts mentioned? For all our sakes, let's please slow down and enjoy the views. And if you never speed, then a big Thank You! It is appreciated.  Julia Askew 


For more information visit www.theleaparishcouncil.org.uk

CONTACT Clerk Jayne Dunstan on email clerk@theleaparishcouncil.org.uk 

AGENDA: Available on Parish Council Notice Board and the website.

The Parish Council usually meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the Village Hall from 7.30pm. For more information, please contact the Clerk Jayne Dunstan on email clerk@theleaparishcouncil.org.uk  
AGENDA: Available on the Parish Council Notice Board and the website.Lea Parish met on Wednesday 6th October. The chairman was pleased to announce that, as a result of efforts by local residents, the wall next to the A40 by the traffic lights has been pointed and painted white, matching work done during the Flood Alleviation Scheme. Various matters related to the A40 were considered, resulting in a call for a site meeting between parish councillors, the Locality Steward, our HC member plus other officers and West Mercia Police. The object being to consider actions that can and should be taken to ensure the safety of all concerned including the dangers associated with bad driver behaviour along the road out of Lea towards Gloucester which puts users of The Oaks junction and others at unreasonable risk. Next was the impending loss of a school crossing patrol at least until a replacement can be arranged. That was followed by news of an attempt by the developer of houses at Castle End Farm to allow occupation of at least the first house prior to providing a pelican crossing as required within the relevant planning permission thus creating an unacceptable highway risk.  Aside from all of that the parish council is calling for the existing 30mph repeater signage to be replaced with more prominent yellow backed signage. The school crossing patrol is considered to be a vital facility and it is clear that for a while at least none will be provided following the departure from the role by Mike Williams. The service is provided by the school and not by HC and it was felt both appropriate and important for the parish council to offer funding support specifically for this purpose. Matters related to the lengthsman scheme were considered. Much of the work done by the village lengthsman, and paid for out of parish council funds, is the legal responsibility of the relevant riparian landowners. HC no longer provide a contribution towards this work. It was decided to review both the extent of work done and who should be contracted to do it prior to the next financial year. Part of the lengthsman’s work is dealing with footpath stiles and gates and this work has been badly affected by both ongoing labour shortage locally and by a shortage of materials. The PC, with the approval of the landowner, is seeking grant aid to improve the public right of way leading uphill from the traffic lights.  Five planning applications were considered. Three were for approval of work already carried out and two related to development at Castle End Farm, including a proposal to add a further 9 dwellings including 6 houses instead of the 6 flats proposed in place of a redundant barn, with the other 3 being bungalows. It was decided to recommend refusal of the proposal, details of which are available on request. The second application at Castle End was to delay the provision of a pelican crossing on the A40.
Last but not least, it has been reported that heavy rain has resulted in at least one house at Rudhall View being flooded due to failure to maintain and update a culvert to Rudhall Brook. Lea PC made a forceful case about this to HC/Balfour Beatty after earlier flooding events and a promise was made to examine the situation further followed by a report related to the findings. As yet, no report has been received and so has once again been taken up as has the matter of an outstanding report related to the Lea Flood Alleviation Scheme.