Just before the lockdown, Gill and Roger Walker launched a 100 Club to help support the village hall – and it’s been a great success with nearly all tickets sold and the first draw now taken place.  The lucky winners who got the cheery news were Jenny Heseltine of Lea Villa Park, Emma and Adam Matchette from Crown Barns and Pete and Lin Nielens from Kings Orchard.With a few tickets left it’s not too late to show your support and help the village hall.  Each tickets costs just £15 and runs for a year.  Your 100 club number is entered into each of the 12 draws where you could win £5, £10 or £25 and there are two half yearly prizes of £100.  For more details contact Gill See online magazine for contact details.  Good luck!
'We find ourselves in a strange world at the moment, not able to physically see family and friends- only online or by phone, keeping the two-metre rule when we do go out, so many places closed, not least Lea Church! Our vicar David has done an excellent job of taking services on line on Sundays and during the week for Evensong and he has managed the technology very well! If you would like to join in one of these services, please email me on See online magazine for contact details and I will pass on the online connection details. By now we would have normally held two or three fundraising events, but we still have running costs to find, so once this lockdown is over and we can meet up again we will be in full swing to try and recoup some of our lost income. We were planning to have a flower festival in October, so hopefully that may be able to go ahead - we will just have to wait and see!!
If you are out on your daily exercise, please do go and look at the churchyard – thanks to specific donations, the grass has recently been cut all round and it looks terrific! Thanks to our gardener Vittorio who has done a brilliant job. 

We send our condolences to the family and friends of Joyce Curtis who sadly passed away recently.  Our sympathies are also with the family and friends of June Smith, who died in April. June was always helping at events, usually washing up! She will be sadly missed. It was with great sadness too we learnt of the passing of our local flower man Steve Marfell, He will missed so much by all who knew him, not only for the flowers, but all the other items he sold too ! RIP Steve. Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Do please keep safe and well. '
Marion Martin – St John the Baptist Church, Lea

At a time when kindness, especially to ourselves, has never been more important, ‘Samaritans Self-Help’ is a new service that offers people practical ways to cope and stay safe if they’re going through a difficult time. The new self-help app provides another channel of support for people during this challenging and worrying time alongside the traditional phone and email service offered by Samaritans. The need for digital resources to support our mental wellbeing has never been greater, particularly when access to face-to-face support services and networks might be limited. Mental health minister Nadine Dorries said: “During these extraordinary and unprecedented times, it’s so important we look after our mental health and wellbeing as well as our physical health. Each and every one of us knows the steps we can take to look after our emotional wellbeing but this new Samaritans app will be a fantastic resource for anyone struggling during the outbreak or looking for additional support, and I’m sure will make a real difference to so many people.”
The app aims to provide a means of accessing support for people who may struggle to use Samaritans’ listening service, or who may find it difficult to express how they are feeling when talking to someone. Samaritans Self-Help features a mood tracker that allows people to record how they feel. It recommends evidence-based coping techniques based on how you’re feeling, as well as activities that others have found useful when experiencing similar feelings.
It is hoped that it will prove a valuable place for support for those observing social distancing, facing prolonged isolation or lacking the privacy to make a call to the helpline.  From muscle relaxation to breathing and written exercises, the app offers people a range of techniques for coping with difficult feelings, as well as suggestions for non-screen activities that people can build into their daily lives to help themselves cope. Whether it's meditation or exploring volunteering opportunities, the activities cover a wide range of topics including kindness to yourself as well as kindness to others.
As well as launching the new app, Samaritans has also created new online resources for people who are supporting someone who is struggling that includes practical ways for people to look after themselves when they are supporting others.
Visit www.selfhelp.samaritans.org to try out or download the new web-based app and find out more.

Remember – Samaritans can be contacted 24 hours a day, every day of the year for confidential support.  
We asked local hairdresser Nico to talk us through his top home hairdressing tips!
Throughout this difficult and challenging times, we’ve all been facing the reality of what our hair is capable of: grey roots, overgrown bangs, faded colours and so on. A good hair care and maintenance routine are important for the way we look and feel. Using professional hair products is a must when we are not able to visit our hairstylist for months. Here’s my top tips to help you get through it.
 First tip is to wash the hair twice with shampoo and always leave the conditioner for 5 mins before rinsing .After care also shouldn’t be neglected, using any kind of hot tools (hairdryer, straighteners, etc.) requires heat protection cream or spray, and if your hair still feel dry, finish with oil serum on the very ends of the hair.Second - If you struggle with grey roots, you can always use colour touch up spray, to cover your front hairline and the usual hair path at the top.  Nowadays there so many shades on the market that you just have to pick the closest one to your colour. Application is easy but it only lasts to your next wash. If the roots are too long and even that magical spray can’t help anymore you need tint. My advice is not to go for a box colour. Box colour from the local shop can create so many issues, from unwanted warmth shades, to dark patchy strands. The quality of that colour is completely different from professional hair colour and fixing it could be quite a headache. Contact your hairdresser and ask about your colour and if possible, order online and apply. Trying any other colour experiments at home like highlights and balayage, which requires bleach are dangerous for your scalp, skin and hair and need to be done by a professional (I know it’s hard to be platinum blonde under lockdown), but best to wait. Third - Haircuts is another challenge and not easy to do at home part of our journey. Cutting hair is always matter of maths, angles and lines. If there’s no way for you to wait until your hairdresser reopen then ask someone from your household to do it for you. Do not try to cut your own hair yourself, even professional hairdressers can’t cut their own hair. Watching professional hair videos from hairdressers showing how to cut hair online is the best way to see and understand how you can do it. Kitchen and paper scissors are out of the question when you need to cut hair. Buying professional scissors and following the guidance step by step can give you the best result.
Best wishes - Nico

At the time of writing it is unclear how much longer our daily lives will be affected by Covid19 and therefore how much longer the Lea Community Voluntary Support Group will be needed.  It’s probably safe to assume it may be needed for at least a little while longer in its current form and afterwards perhaps it will be merged into a more general community group to carry on its good works.  For now, whatever your need, please just ask. Any request will be treated with care and in complete confidence.  We are all too aware that many people will find it difficult to seek help and we understand all the issues that will be faced by our friends and neighbours whilst we all come to terms with the impact of this terrible situation – but please remember - help is just a phone call or click of the keyboard away.  Visit www.cvsg.org.uk or contact the team via:
Leanne Pogson 
See online magazine for contact details
Susie Williams
See online magazine for contact details
Sylvie Nicholls
See online magazine for contact details
Please call between 9am and 1pm or between 5pm-6pm - this will help us to make best use of the time and resources we have available.

Having sadly lost his bees to marauding wasps late last summer, Alan Keef has welcomed a new colony to his hive at Lea Line.  A lifelong beekeeper, Alan can be seen here carefully transferring the bees from their travelling case to the hive.  The bees soon settled and are enjoying the bountiful wild and garden flowers in the area.  Here’s to hoping we’ll soon be enjoying their honey!

See online magazine for contact details


During this testing time many of us have enjoyed time down at the allotments to plant up vegetables  and spruce up the plots. Passers-by, on their daily walk, have commented on the tidy plots and the hard work going on down there . Social distancing of course  has been observed  but  it has been a good way to get  exercise and fresh air. We have been delighted to welcome  new gardeners this season and  in fact every plot has now been taken. However do get in touch, if you are interested in going on a waiting list.
Henry Rivers 
See online magazine for contact details


For more information visit www.theleaparishcouncil.org.uk

CONTACT Clerk Jayne Dunstan on email clerk@theleaparishcouncil.org.uk 

AGENDA: Available on Parish Council Notice Board and the website.

Since the lockdown began Lea Parish Council has met only once and then only via a virtual email meeting which took place on 1st April. A proper parish council meeting is planned to take place on Wednesday 27th May in the main hall of the village hall using all appropriate safety/distancing precautions. The meeting will not be open to the public in view of the ongoing restrictions in place.

This year there will be no annual parish nor parish council meetings, both are postponed until next year. In the absence of a formal parish meeting, local organisations have been asked to submit any written report that they may wish to make and which will be made available for anybody to see.

The option to hold virtual parish council meetings has been considered and rejected due to the necessity to make such meetings available for the press and the public to attend. Doing this safely was going to be rather costly and of doubtful benefit.

The village lengthsman has been active in the village and whilst a lot of routine tasks have been  completed there are more to be done. Balfour Beatty have also been active in the village undertaking minor footpath work and some minor road works, but Covid-19 has slowed things down.

The Flood Alleviation Scheme is still ongoing. As anticipated there have been Covid-19 related delays, but progress towards getting groundwork underway is continuing. 

Since the beginning of the lockdown there have not been many planning issues needing to be dealt with but having said that it has been good to see that the Lea Neighbourhood Development Plan policies are having an effect in constraining development proposals in the village.


NEXT MEETINGS: The next Parish Council meeting will be on 27th  May online. 

Copy deadline for July edition - Saturday 13th July