The last draw for the 100 Club made winners of Valerie Stockings, Jean White and Jackie Hopkins – congratulations everyone and thank you for supporting the village hall’s 100 Club.  

Marion Martin reports for the Church – 
Hello everyone and I hope you are all well. I’m delighted to say that church services have recommenced- with alterations- and our timetable now looks like this for the time being:
1st Sunday of the month - Said Communion 10am
2nd Sunday - Matins/Said Communion 8am plus Benefice service on Zoom at 10.30am
3rd Sunday - Said Communion 9am
4th Sunday – Children’s Church (not in July or August)
5th Sunday - if applicable - to be advised.

We do have sanitizers, hand washing facilities and antibacterial wipes for safety and will be practising social distancing. Communion will only consist of the wafer. We look forward to welcoming you all. 
I would like to say a BIG thank you for the wonderful rainbows on the church door - they are fantastic! Please let me know who you are!!

Obviously due to the pandemic we have been unable to hold any fundraising events, so our funds, like most churches are feeling the pinch.  Ultimately this means we cannot employ the gardener to cut the churchyard as often as we would like to keep it nice and tidy, so please bear this in mind when you go past! If you would like to make a donation to the upkeep of the churchyard, it would be very much appreciated - please contact either myself Marion click here to contact or our Treasurer Alice Basey click here to contact. We do hope to be back having fundraising events as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we have had to put several events on hold, including the proposed flower festival in October - we hope to able to have this next year.

We are in need of a Fabric Officer to join our PCC, if you would like more details on what this entails, please ring me, Marion on the above number.

I would also like to take this opportunity to warn you of the latest scam doing the rounds:
You may receive a phone call supposedly from the NHS saying that you have been contacted through the track and trace system, as being in close contact with someone who has developed Coronavirus. They will ask you for your address to send the testing kit to you, BUT then ask you for your credit/debit card number for the cost of the test - an amount possibly up to, or over £50- they will insist that the test must be paid for when you question this.
These tests are FREE. If you get one of these calls asking for money, please just hang up - it is a scam!
Marion Martin – St John the Baptist Church, Lea

Children’s Church has continued throughout lock-down. ‘Services’ have been home lead using material put out by the leaders on WhatsApp. The sessions have followed the usual friendly format with an activity to undertake, a topic for discussion, hymns and prayers. Families have been able to do the service at a time to suit them and then upload photos of their activity projects. This year we are looking at the deadly sins, taking each one in turn. Despite not having a physical presence in church at this time we were delighted to welcome a new family to our church for our WhatsApp service in June. Any other families who would like to join us at this time are encouraged to contact Alice click here to contact.

Friday Painters are hoping, emphasis on hoping, to re-start their Friday morning sessions at the Village Hall in September and have plans for an exhibition in late October/November, to include some of the work done during lock-down.
We’re looking forward to being part of the community once again.
If you’ve uncovered your creative side during lock-down why not think about coming along when the Art Club does reconvene – keep an eye on details here in Chimes

We know that so many friends are missing the regular coffee morning and lunch club, but for now it just isn’t practical to hold these events.  We are watching developments closely and also taking advice and support from Herefordshire
Council and as soon as we can, we will re-open.  

Jackie Hopkins reports on the village hall –
The village hall was closed immediately the lock-down was announced and we haven’t done much since The last event we had about a week before was one of John Hyndman’s great quizzes which was well attended, enjoyed by all and raised around £700 – many thanks to John and his family and all those that helped with this event.  We have been concerned about how our reserve funds were going to last us as we were going in to the unknown but a call from Herefordshire Council served to put our minds at rest.  Classed as a small business, we pay small business rates albeit they are 100% discounted as we are a registered charity, but none the less we were entitled to a grant of £10k. This was in our bank account two days later.  We were incredibly grateful for this and it means that we now have a healthy bank balance and, apart from the grass cutting and the cleaning, all our bills are up to date for a while.  We also took advantage of the dip in heating fuel costs to replenish our supply.
The only activity since lock-down has been several training afternoons for the workers at Rock Farm This was a Government directive to educate the staff about Covid protection. The parish council have also had two closed meetings.   When the Government announced that we could potentially re-open on July 4th we held a sub-committee meeting to come up with a plan. Prior to this I sounded out our regular users and it was clear that no one was interested in starting up their  groups in the foreseeable future and so we took the decision that we could not consider opening at this moment in time, the rules and regulations are too onerous for us to take on board for outside users. Of course, this may all change very quickly one way or the other so we just have to keep everything under review.

At the time of writing and despite the lifting of many of the lock-down restrictions, it is still far from clear how much longer our daily lives will be affected by Covid19 and therefore how much longer the Lea Community Voluntary Support Group will be needed. For now, the Group is there and we are all hoping that we won’t be needed again.  BUT, if we find ourselves in the position of needing to support the village, then we are all set to do so.  Visit www.cvsg.org.uk or contact the team via:
Leanne Pogson click here to contact
Susie Williams click here to contact
Sylvie Nicholls click here to contact

Please call between 9am and 1pm or between 5pm-6pm - this will help us to make best use of the time and resources we have available.

In June we reported about the new bees that Alan Keef had introduced to his hives.  The new bees settled in very quickly and seemed very happy with their new gardens and a new super was added quite soon.  We look forward to enjoying their honey in due course.


For more information visit www.theleaparishcouncil.org.uk

CONTACT Clerk Jayne Dunstan on email clerk@theleaparishcouncil.org.uk 

AGENDA: Available on Parish Council Notice Board and the website.

Below is the draft text of a letter due to be sent out by Herefordshire Council to Lea residents by way of a Flood Alleviation Scheme update -

"In September last year we wrote to you regarding the development of the Lea Flood Management scheme and held an exhibition in the village to outline the project. Since then the project team have been finalising the detail of the scheme, undertaking the necessary work to secure permissions, agreements, funding and tendering to identify a contractor to deliver the scheme. These elements are now nearing completion which will enable the construction stage of the project to commence.
The intention had been to commence construction in early 2020 but this year has been one with many challenges, not least Storm Dennis and the response to the Coronavirus pandemic. This has placed additional pressures on not only Herefordshire Council but also suppliers and partners. Works have continued on the Lea Flood Management project throughout the lock-down with planning permission being granted for the scheme, but there remain some final elements to be concluded and as a result we anticipate construction to commence in late summer.
We will be in contact again once the final dates and arrangements for the construction and the impacts on the village are confirmed. We did however want to update all residents on the progress of the scheme and reassure you that it remains a project that is planned for delivery in 2020."

In addition, it is proposed that a virtual meeting with the Parish Council and Ward Member would be beneficial to enable an opportunity to discuss any queries around the final details of the implementation of the scheme.

* Drainage Grant proposal - Lea Parish Council has submitted a proposal for grant funding to enable certain drainage works to be carried out by the village lengthsman over and above the normal commitments. A decision is awaited.

* Footpath stiles around the village are generally in poor condition and not being maintained by either Herefordshire Council or the landowners. Having said that Herefordshire Council will supply stile kits for landowners to install. That is considered to an unacceptable situation by the Parish Council which has been addressing the issue by installing self-closing gates as funds can be made available allowing much better access to the public footpath network by everybody including those unable to use stiles. It is intended to seek grant aid to purchase and install more self-closing/kissing gates in due course but the poor condition of 2 existing stiles has resulted in the Parish Council approving their replacement as soon as gates can be made available - which may be some months away due to restricted availability. Once installed that will bring the number recently provided by Lea Parish Council to seven. 

* An important part of the grant application for footpath gates will be to fund provision of a substantial footpath interpretation map to allow residents to better understand the access to the countryside that they can enjoy without resort to walking entirely on the road network. Design work for this is ongoing and it is hoped to include within the project a Covid-19 memorial feature. This will have to be top quality professionally produced item but it is intended that the map itself and supporting images etc. will be locally produced. Indeed, it is considered most desirable to ensure maximum local input - offers of assistance are very welcome.

* There is currently a problem with fly-tipping of grass cuttings within the village. Dumping your garden waste in hedgerows counts as fly-tipping and is illegal. Fly-tipping includes dumping garden waste anywhere, including in hedgerows, grass verges and woodlands. Just because it may eventually compost down, does not make dumping acceptable or permissible.

* Recently, local residents have been noticed using local roads as a racetrack with little or no regard for the law nor the well-being and safety of local residents. Driving at high speed within a built-up area is bad enough but driving through red traffic lights is quite another thing. These matters have been brought to the attention of Lea Parish Council who urge all such activity be reported to West Mercia Police. To the drivers concerned - beware during a recent speed check in the village 13 speeding motorists were caught. The other linked matter is use of vehicles making an excessive amount of noise. In this case residents are urged to obtain chapter and verge and make reports to Herefordshire Council Environmental Health Department. You must not do this anonymously because if you do no action can be taken. Report the noise nuisance matter online at herefordshire.gov.uk 

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