Every July in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, upto 40,000 (yes you read that right!) walkers gather from across the globe to take part in the Nijmegan March, the largest multiple day walking event in the world.  Walkers from all walks of life, including the military, undertake to walk up to a gruelling 50km each day for each of four days, raising many hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes as they go.  Our own Alice Basey, treasurer of Lea Church and Director at Alan Keef Ltd here in the village, has endured but enjoyed the March many times, once when pregnant with her daughter Jessica (now five) and again with Jessica in a carrier on her back when she was just a year old.  
Alice had planned to march again this year as the event has become her own personal challenge to complete.  Sadly, the March was yet another victim of Covid19 and was abandoned.  Not wishing to miss out on the challenge or the funds it raised for the Church here in the Lea, Alice planned her own personal ‘Wyemegen March’ with Jessica.
It is traditional for those that cross the finish line on day four, to be presented by the thousands of onlookers and supporters with a beautiful Gladioli flower, a symbol of victory from the Roman times.  Our picture below shows Alice and Jessica as they arrived home with their gladioli after pounding the town and countryside pavement around the area for four days.  The challenge was for Jessica to walk 5 miles a day and Alice 20 miles.  According to Alice, Jessica completed her challenge with good humour and didn’t suffer the blisters her mother did. Their joint endeavour raised over £1100 to help Lea Church through this difficult time.  Alice, Jessica and the PCC would like to thank everyone who has donated and sent messages of support.
Let’s hope Alice gets to March in the Netherlands next year.

The latest 100 Club winners are Fritha Clutterbuck, Jane Bazeley and Jessica Gray.  There are still a few tickets left, so if you’re interested in taking a number and helping the village hall then please email click here to contact congratulations everyone and thank you for supporting the village hall’s 100 Club.
We have resumed services at Lea Church with a slight change to the previous timetable. Our services now run as follows until further notice:
1st Sunday of the month 10am Said Communion
2nd Sunday 8am Said Communion /Matins (there is also a Zoom Benefice service at 10.30)
3rd Sunday 9am Said Communion
4th Sunday 10am Childrens Church
5th Sunday (if applicable) Benefice service at Weston
(Please check with the noticeboard outside the church for any changes.) 

We have been pleased to welcome back our congregation to St John's and although the services are a little curtailed it is good to see people.
The PCC are hoping to have the churchyard completely mown again before winter to keep it looking it's best!  Unfortunately, due to the closing of the church for a long time and curtailment of our fundraising events we are finding it hard to fund this big cut. If you would like to donate towards this please contact Marion click here to contact - all donations gratefully received!!
The Foodbank collection point is back in the Church so please leave your donations in the box.
We will be again participating in the Samaritan's Purse Shoebox Appeal. If you would like to fill a shoebox with goodies for a child, the forms can be found at the back of the church. They can also be completed online at samaritans-purse.org.uk.(please advise me if you do this for my report thank you) . I need to collect completed boxes by end of October please. If you need more info please ring me on the above number. Many thanks on behalf of the children!
On a personal note I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me for the Marie Curie 180 Challenge during September - whereby I had to run for 6 lots of 30 mins. (I am not a natural runner to say the least!) To date as I write this I have been pledged over £400 !! As my target was £180.00 I am delighted to have smashed the target twice over!
Keep safe everyone and God Bless.  Marion Martin

In June’s on-line Chimes we reported about the new bees that Alan Keef had introduced to his hive having sadly lost his other colony to marauding wasps late last summer.  A lifelong beekeeper, Alan can be seen here carefully transferring the bees from their travelling case to the hive. The bees were soon settled and enjoying the bountiful wild and garden flowers in the area and a new super was added quite soon. The good weather and flourishing garden surrounding the hive has kept the bees busy ever since and at the time of writing, preparations are being made to take the first honey out.

We have had a great start to the new term with all children now back in school, which is wonderful to see. Although we are working a little differently due to Covid-19, all the children have settled well and are adapting to the new normal with smiles on their faces. Our new reception children have been amazingly independent, walking into school from the gate on their own – thank you Mr Grice for giving them such a positive start in their new class.
Rainbow and Willow Classes have already started their Forest School sessions.

 Pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 recently launched their new topic, ‘The Extraordinary Egyptians’ with an inspiring visit from real-life Egyptologist- ‘Mr Egypt’!During the day, the children were taken on a journey to explore life for Egyptian children in Ancient times, and even learned how to ‘dance like an Egyptian’! Other activities included cracking hieroglyphic codes and completing maths problems using Egyptian number symbols! Later on, in the day, all the children had the opportunity to see Ancient Egyptian history first hand, when they investigated a range of real Egyptian artefacts, including a Pharaoh’s ring, which was over 2,000 years old! The children ended the day with a mummy- wrapping activity, which was great fun, but proved to be much trickier than it looked! If you are interested in a place at Lea CE Primary School or our Pre School,  or would like to arrange a visit to our modern purpose built school, (Covid secure), please contact the school office click here to contact, or visit our website : www.lea-primary.hereford.sch.uk.  You can follow us on Twitter too: @lea_primary.


At the time of writing and despite the lifting of many of the lockdown restrictions, it is still far from clear how much longer our daily lives will be affected by Covid19 and therefore how much longer the Lea Community Voluntary Support Group will be needed.  For now the Group is there and we are all hoping that we won’t be needed again.  BUT, if we find ourselves in the position of needing to support the village, then we are all set to do so.  Visit www.cvsg.org.uk or contact the team via:

Leanne Pogson click here to contact

Susie Williams click here to contact

Sylvie Nicholls click here to contact

Please call between 9am and 1pm or between 5pm-6pm


For more information visit www.theleaparishcouncil.org.uk

CONTACT Clerk Jayne Dunstan on email clerk@theleaparishcouncil.org.uk 

AGENDA: Available on Parish Council Notice Board and the website.

The parish has just been granted funds to carry out a series of small drainage projects which to the work routinely carried out by the Village Lengthsman. The work needs to be completed by 31st March 2021 or the funding will be lost!
Gypsy Lane to Rock Lane.
Surface water coming down the bridleway and from adjacent field is making the path difficult to use in wet conditions. It is planned to extend the existing ditch for 75m to contain the water and allow the path to remain dry as possible.
 Gypsy Lane to A40.
Surface water from up the slope further up the path and from adjacent fields is pooling at a low point just before the road access turning that area of the path into a quagmire during wet conditions. It is planned to add stone the low area of the path to raise the level so the surface water will drain off into surrounding vegetation and hedgerows. 
 Rock Lane.
Ditch starting opposite Gypsy Lane to entrance for Rock Farm. Only a small volume of surface water enters this ditch during normal rainfall. It is planned to pipe the ditch and cover it to form a flat grassed area. Headwalls wild be provided where necessary.
C1278 (Road to Lea Bailey)
Between B4224 and Watery Lane junctions. The roadside ditch is constantly being blocked by earth from the crumbling bank under the hedgerow. This causes surface water to spill onto the road and run down on the junction at the main road. It is planned to pipe the ditch and connect it to the underground system via a chamber which will serve as a jetting point. The ditch be covered over and grassed.
Watery Lane from C1278 to parish boundary.
This ditch is silted up preventing the grips from working and causing water to spill onto the road further adding to the issues of surface water on the C1278. It is planned to clear the ditch and reform the grips. (Grips is the term use to describe points where water runs off the road into a ditch.)
 Road from Rock Lane towards Eccleswall
Midway along the roadside ditch has been largely lost causing the grips to fail which then allows surface water to pool over a large area of the road. It is planned to reform the ditch where lost and clear the remainder as well as reform the grips.


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