At the 11th hour of Remembrance Sunday, on a  grey and damp day in Linton, the quiet of the village was broken by the music of remembrance played by Robert Tuttiet in the shadow of the ancient preaching cross in the churchyard of St Mary's, to a gathering of local residents and a representative of our armed forces. It was a suitably poignant occasion and a time of reflection and remembrance for the fallen of Britain's wars. For many it was also a time to remember those in our families who served and who serve.

Christmas and New Year: We would like to wish everyone in the villages a Merry Christmas, and a peaceful, safe and Happy New Year in 2021. We would also like to thank everyone involved in activities and fund-raising for their  work and support, both this year, and in previous years, and hope that next year, despite the challenges and difficulties we all face, we may all look forward to a more optimistic time. Your support is much appreciated. Thank you and stay safe.

We are putting together our new calendar for 2021 and this year we will be selling them for £3 each.  This will feature 12 beautiful photographs of the village and surrounding views taken by local residents. This makes an ideal gift. Place your order by click here to contact or completing the form on the website. More details are on the website (

We are offering a new service; Many of us have things we intend to sell but don’t get round to. For a limited time, (and just to see how it goes), we are offering you the chance to sell your unwanted, but saleable items. We will photograph, list and package up your items in exchange for a percentage of the sale price. If this is something you would like to try, then please phone or text click here to contact   to talk to us about it.

LINTON VILLAGE HALL social media (LVH51 for Instagram) and e- newsletter. We’ll need your email address to send the newsletter to you. If you have any queries, or wish to be added to our emailing list, please contact us on click here to contact. Linton Village Hall Management Committee would like to wish all readers of the Chimes a Peaceful, Happy, and Healthy New Year, and thank everyone who has supported Village Halls, churches, pubs and all other community events by donating their time and energy, despite this being a year like no other. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to getting back to a kind of normal again and to seeing you all in 2021.It had been wonderful to see people back at the hall, even if for only a short time!  The lockdown that began on 5 November meant that those user groups that had managed to return to the hall had to suspend their activities for the time being and the village hall closed until, at the earliest, 2 December.  We do hope that the current lockdown proves successful, that we are able to welcome our user groups back and that we will be able to hold the occasional coffee morning throughout the remainder of the winter months.  Sadly we had to abandon our hopes of being able to hold a socially distanced Community Lunch in November but if we are able to open again in early December we will consider the new Covid guidelines in place then and review the possibility of holding a Community Lunch before Christmas.  

Herefordshire Council’s ‘Talk Community Covid Response’ is providing support to communities, including those residents considered most vulnerable as a result of lockdown, by working with local community groups, parishes and ward members.  The Talk Community helpline, where vulnerable people or those who are isolating can seek support, is available 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 1pm on Saturday.  To arrange help and support, either for yourself or on behalf of someone you know, please call click here to contact . We at the village hall continue to offer a point of contact to anyone experiencing difficulties or in need of help or advice relating to Covid-19. We will also continue to be a point of contact for Herefordshire Council’s Covid Response Team and we will keep you up to date with information as received. We appreciate that keeping up to date with news is even more vital during this time. Please see our noticeboard and website for further information and details of other items of interest, or contact us by phone. 

We remain hopeful that the lockdown will end on 2 December and are looking forward to reopening the village hall for December.  We fully intend to decorate the hall for Christmas, not only because we love putting up the Christmas decorations but also in the hope that we might be able to arrange opportunities to get together, partake of a mince pie (or two) and hopefully a glass (or two) of something!  Just to let you know of a free recycling opportunity – there will be a Christmas Tree drop- off point in the village hall car park on Saturday 9 January between 10am to 12noon, when Geoffrey Urch (of Geoffrey Urch Garden Services) will turn your tree into woodchip.  An ideal way of disposing of your no longer wanted tree. Many thanks and stay safe and well!

Do you still have an audio cassette player? Can we borrow it or even better, would you like to participate in a project bringing our knowledge of Linton during the C20th back to life? Some thirty years ago, the Linton & District History Society interviewed 28 of the more elderly residents of the village and recorded the conversations on compact cassettes. Virtually unheard since first recorded, this unique archive now represents an amazing opportunity to hear about the trials and tribulations of village life up to a century ago through the eyes of people who lived in Linton at the time. We need listeners to help transcribe what is said on the cassettes. If you are keen to participate in this exciting project please speak to Charlotte or Clair. For more information, or if you have got a cassette player to lend us, please contact Roger click here to contact

100 CLUB

Each year, with a full 100 subscriptions, we raise £500 for the village hall funds which is much appreciated by the committee who can, in turn, invest it in the hall for the benefit of the village.  For further information please contact Denise click here to contact
November 2020 Winners
£25  99 Sue Cotterell     £10 21  Roger Barnes    £5  1  Peter Durnall
The loss of the glorious beech tree that had lived so long in the gardens of the village hall has prompted much comment and feelings of sadness too. One resident of Linton spoke poetically of her feelings in these words: "It has stood for so long and been woven into the history of the village, that it is really sad to think it has gone. I imagine the people who walked under it, sat under it, danced around it, played music and took tea in the shade of its branches; the schoolchildren who climbed it, played 'tag' around it, kicked leaves under it, dodged and threw snowballs around it, lay on the grass under it and listened to a story,  decorated it with ribbons and bunting and balloons; the lovers who carved their names in its grey bark, and stole kisses under it by moonlight... the fetes and garden parties, coffee mornings, morris dancing, breakfasts, a wedding... and then of course the rooks who nested in it, the squirrels who built their dreys in its trunk, the bats and owls and little birds who rested and all the cats and dogs and foxes that passed by."WOMENS INSTITUTE
As for everyone, 2020 has been a difficult year for Linton WI.  We can only hope that we will be able to resume our activities in 2021, a year of great importance to us as it is our Centenary. Ladies in Linton, Bromsash, the Lea, and the Herefordshire part of Gorsley are very welcome to join us when we resume, watch out for details in The Chimes and Chimes online. In the meantime, we wish everyone a Happy Christmas, and may we all have peace and better times in the year to come. 

Having managed to safely get back to walking in July, meeting in the large car park at Gorsley Baptist Church allowed us to facilitate this, once again we will have to take a break. We are especially sorry to now have to say goodbye to Jennifer who has been a staunch supporter since the start up eleven years ago, we very much relied on her knowledge of the footpaths around Linton and Gorsley for interesting walks and most importantly how to get back to our start point! We wish her well for the future. We hope that come December, weather permitting, it will once again be deemed safe for us to stride out again.


The confusing and changing regulations for Remembrance Sunday made it impossible to deliver the planned service.  Many thanks to Bob, Roger and Liam for helping us to mark it in a fitting and covid secure way

The restrictions have meant the Working Party could not take place and has been replaced by a list of tasks that folk could do in their own time. The list can be found in the church porch.  Many thanks to all who have already been kind enough to help.

Despite the assurances that Lockdown2 will finish at the start of December it is impossible to plan events in the church with any certainty that they will take place.  We are fairly sure that the church will continue to open at least for private prayer.  Arrangement are being made for services.

The All-age on 20th December will hopefully take the form of a Christingle Service.  Christingle Services began in the Moravian church in 1747 but have more recently

been used by the Children's Society as an opportunity to focus on their work.  It involves sweets, candles and oranges so what’s not to love!  Everyone welcome.  Start at 11:00 am.

The Linton Village Carol Service is at 5:30 pm on 20th December.  This will include readings, poems and listening to carols in a candlelit church.  Both events are free but will need to be ticketed so that we can make sure we use the space safely and efficiently. Please contact Charlotte Newton click here to contact, text or post to Wrens Nest, letting me know how many seats you require and I will try to allocate you space.  If you are willing to do a reading or perform in some way please let me know.  Masks must be worn; singing is only allowed by small choirs or soloists.  Please do not come if you are showing any symptoms.

CAROL-SINGING IN LINTON & BROMSASH - see Combined Villages for more details
There will be a socially-distanced group meeting in the Churchyard. Please come and join the fun, everyone is welcome, the more the merrier, at a distance, obviously! Bring your own lantern or torches, and hi vis/bright coats are advised. All donations raised will be given to charity.

There will be no Crib Service this year.

The Christmas Service will be at 11am on Christmas Day.

Even if you are not able to come to a service over Christmas please try to visit St Mary's.  It is always open during daylight hours and is sure to be beautifully decorated for Christmas, as we are blessed with many talented flower arrangers.

The second Linton Village Christmas Quiz will be available throughout December.  The quiz sheets are free and can emailed out on request click here to contact or collected in person from the church.  Completed sheets can be returned to Wrens Nest with an entry fee of £2.  The quiz is a paper quiz that should provide entertainment for all over the festive season, and includes questions about both Linton and Christmas.  


Jim & Sally Pettipher of Court House, Linton  write: “We are looking for local stone for Court House’s garden walls, so could we please ask local folk if they have any available. Here’s a picture of our own random pile of stones, which apparently isn’t enough for our needs. Hoping other people may have piles of stone too, or maybe even old tumbledown walls they’d rather we took away than they had to repair? Many thanks.” Please ring Jim or Sally click here to contact


LEAP (Linton Emergency Action Plan)

Living in a rural community with no public transport can be a serious problem for those people unable to drive.  If you need help to get to the dentist or doctor or some other medical appointment or other emergency, please contact the coordinators below and be put in touch with an available driver Please also get in touch if you would like to be a volunteer driver. Russell Denbigh or Jane Vines click here to contact available driver at a cost to you of 45p per mile.

(Covering Bromsash, Gorsley & Linton)

CONTACT click here to contact

Why not visit for up-to-date news on community issues?

Complete Minutes and Agenda of all meetings are published on the website & the News Update section will contain information and links on events, meetings, consultations, etc. that Parishioners may be interested in or in attending. 
E-NEWS bulletins may be received if you complete the subscription form on line

The Council met on 12th October with a full agenda and again on 9th November.  A total of 4 planning applications were discussed and the Councillors returned no objection to 3 and abstained on the last as information was not clear.  
At the November meeting the Councillors approved the final Neighbourhood Development Plan. When we are allowed to use public buildings again Herefordshire Council will arrange a referendum for us and we hope as many people as possible will take the opportunity to vote.   In the meantime, your plan carries weight and is taken into consideration in Planning decisions.  The Chairman and Councillors gave a vote of very grateful thanks to all those who have been involved in bringing this together after 2 years of hard work.   
A number of issues are on the Council’s agenda.  Residents of Bromsash will have noticed a SID (Speed Indicator Device) in place as you enter from The Lea and in December this will move to the other end of the village.  We look forward to receiving information on the effect of these devices. Closure of The Line in Linton is being closely monitored by Cllr Reeves liaising with Herefordshire Council to try to ensure that the effect on residents is minimised. There is a big project being led by Cllr Owen to seek to obtain traffic calming measures on the B4421 through Gorsley, particularly around the school.  Your Councillor is tenaciously working with the authorities involved to come up with a solution. We are seeking assistance from the Roads Department in determining appropriate signage to reduce the number of unsuitably large HGVs using Burrups Lane and other small routes through the village.A Councillor will join the recently formed multi-parish Strategy Group to consider traffic calming measures along the whole length of the B4224 in Herefordshire.There is a lot to do so if you think you could spare time to help on this sort of project, do please think about becoming a Councillor. 
As I write the format of Christmas celebrations is uncertain.   I am sure you will join us in thanking the many volunteers who have helped their friends and neighbours over the lock-down months.  We wish you all the very best of the season and a happy and sociable New Year for us all.

Don’t forget to contact the Clerk if you would like printed copies of Parish meeting documents.  You can write to the Clerk at click here to contact

Copy deadline for December edition - Saturday 7th November