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Update from the Church.
The churchyard is now open again and mowing has started bit by bit. At the time of writing, the church itself is still closed but there are hopeful signs that we may be allowed back in before too long. Please keep an eye on the Upton Bishop website for up-to-date news of re-opening.
The weekly church pew sheet is being sent out electronically. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the distribution list See online magazine for contact details
Church Services are streamed online at 10.30 on Sundays and at 5.30 Mon-Thurs. Instructions for joining are on the pew sheet.
Our Fete was supposed to be on 6th June. Instead we are holding The Upton Bishop

Church Virtual Fete, a series of activities for everyone of all ages to join in. Please invite your neighbours, family and friends to join in too. Entries are not restricted to Upton Bishop. Our virtual stalls are:
 Photo competition: pets and gardens
 Online story competition
 All ages drawing and 
 colouring and
 craft
 Decorated cakes
 Knitted or sewn squares
 Weekly French and Spanish challenges 
 Limericks
 Life imitating Art
 Quizzes
 UB church Thank You Lottery 
For more information see below or contact Olivia See online magazine for contact details

Here are June’s activities for the Virtual Fete:
Online story competition. 
Two classes: Adults - 500 max words, Under 16 - 300 max words. We will publish the winning entry online as a prize and make a file of Corona stories for others to enjoy either online or a hold-in-the-hand version to put in the church later when the virus is defeated. Deadline 1st August. E-mail your entries to jane See online magazine for contact details. If you cannot email, please post to See online magazine for contact details. Please DO NOT deliver by hand.

 All ages drawing, colouring and craft competitions.

 An Abstract theme for June. You will find lots of colouring on the internet that you can download free. The photo of the winner's entry will be published on the website and in the Chimes. Deadline 25th June. 
 Photo competition
 Pets and gardens only, no humans please as the prize is to have your photo used for the UB greetings cards 2020. Deadline 1st July. 
 Cake decorating competition.
 Send us a photo of your decorated cake, cupcake, gingerbread men. Beautiful or crazy, wherever your imagination takes you. Monthly winners will have their photo published.
 For knitters and sewers.
Use up your old scraps of wool and fabric and join us in making squares all 15cm x 15cm. Be creative with appliqué, embroidery, rainbows, flowers. We will assemble them into a patchwork to display in the church.
 Limericks: turn your thoughts into verse; we are making a collection of Limericks to share.
 Life Imitating Art.
Why not join in the latest craze for finding items around the house or garden to re-create art works: https://mymodernmet.com/recreate-art-history-challenge/
Tracy Emin's bed should be an easy one or how about Munch's The Scream or Rodin's Thinker. Send us a photo.
 Weekly French and Spanish challenges.
 Online for all abilities, for beginners, intermediate and more advanced linguists. 

 All entries are free. However, our normal Fete is a big fundraiser for the church so if you would like to donate, you will automatically be included in the Upton Bishop Thank You Draw.
 How does this work? Everyone who donates to church funds and gives his/her name/contact details between now and 1st September will be allocated a number and entered into a draw. 
 Will there be prizes? Yes, there will!
When and where will the draw be held? The draw will take place one way or another on 1st September. 
 How do I donate? You can donate electronically 
See online magazine for contact details

 You will also be asked if you would be willing to increase your donation in line with inflation next year.

200 Hundred Club Winners.
£20 George and Ann Young - £10 Elaine Ives - £5 Elaine Stringer

Christian Aid Week

Thank you to everyone who helped to raise £348.00.

Remembrances of VE Day.

The Sub Editor has received this poignant reminder of what is was actually like to experience VE Day…..as a child……..

On VE Day I was at boarding school with no access to newspapers or wireless (as we called it then).  I was 10 at the time.  News of the outside world came to us, if at all, via our teachers who probably thought that we were too dim to take any interest in the outside world.  At any rate there was no celebration.  I cannot even remember an announcement.  If there had been, I’m sure I would have remembered it because my father had up till then been based in New York helping organise the convoy system and I had crossed the Atlantic twice by ship.  The enormity of VE Day only struck me when I came home at the end of term.  
A few weeks later I had a spell in hospital.  On being told that VE Day had been the occasion of great celebrations there, I felt cheesed off that I had missed them. VJ Day occurred while I was still in the hospital.  Alas no celebration, just an announcement.  While there I was allowed to wander round the grounds and I saw temporary open wards (rather like the NHS Nightingales) full of war wounded, some of them with shattered bodies - a sight never to be forgotten.
With thanks to John Boyd.

Upton Bishop ‘Not’ Open Gardens!
 We cannot visit each other’s gardens this year, but we can share them.  Welcome to Upton Bishop’s virtual open gardens. The Chelsea Flower show has just begun, and we reckon with all the time we have had on our hands there could be several gold medal winners in our village.
 Anyone can take part.  All you need to do is submit a maximum of six photos of your garden (or a garden you have seen from your daily exercise) by Saturday, June 6th. We can extend the deadline if there is good participation. They will then be collated and posted on the website and social media for everyone to enjoy. It will be our own Upton Bishop ‘Not’ Open Gardens.
You can take pictures of individual flowers, glorious vegetable patches, wildlife, rolling vistas or the cream tea you would have been serving to visitors to your garden.
 The photos can be taken at any time – so if you have a lovely picture of a peony which has now passed its best feel free to submit it.
If you are growing your own veg, your time will come. We will have a virtual vegetable exhibition this Autumn, but you can snap pictures of the fruit and veg results of your labours anytime between now and then.
Photos should be emailed See online magazine for contact details or posted on the Upton Bishop Facebook page

 Happy snapping!
 There is no charge to enter your photos to the open gardens but if you would like to donate to church funds, we will be grateful.
Please contact Claire for details of how to donate. Thank you.


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Vice-Chairman:- Brian Spencer

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