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Winners for July are:
£20 Julia Thomas
£10 Alison Robins
£5 Mark and Rebecca Tamplin

Please can you welcome to Phocle Green, Alex and Diana Mattos and family and to Woodhouse Lane, Simon, and Julia Fletcher.

Belated Baby Congratulations to Jack Guest and Laura Michael on the arrival of Wodan. – yes, it is the correct name – after the god of herbs apparently!


By the time you read this update, services will have started again in the church. 
This is exceptionally good news, and everyone is welcome to come along at 10.30am on most Sunday mornings. Because of the virus, there is to be no singing for the moment and social distancing and hand washing are essential. The format is kept as simple as possible and, of course, everything is subject to sudden change, but we are delighted to be back to some degree of normality. 

There will still, for now, be a streamed Zoom service at 10.30 on Sunday 16th August and at 5.30 Mon-Thurs. Instructions for joining are on the pew sheet. David will be zooming at 12 noon for those unable to attend other Sunday services.
The weekly church pew sheet is being sent out electronically. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the distribution list. click here to contact

Upton Bishop Church is open every day from 10am to 4pm for private or family prayer.  

Thank you for helping us to keep the church safe for us all to use:

    Please sanitise your hands before entering and after leaving the building. Soap, water, and paper towels are provided for you in the porch.  
    If you use your own hand gel, and wish to light a candle, please make sure your hands are absolutely dry first. Be aware that alcohol gel is very inflammable.

    Please, for the time being, only use the designated pews as these will be cleaned at the end of each day. You may prefer to remain standing.

    If others are present, please keep 2m apart.

    Please avoid touching anything unless you really must.

If, after a visit to the church, you experience any symptoms of Corona Virus please let us know immediately, so that we can contact others and close the church for deep cleaning. Ring Olivia click here to contact

Please keep an eye on the Upton Bishop website and on social media for more information. We update the website regularly.

Saturday, 6th June, should have been the day of our Fete. The village has rallied round and joined in enthusiastically with making and buying cake and wine sales. Many of you have been generous with donations so thank you all and most particularly our thanks go to Iola Fass for the fabulous face-masks, to Claire 

Newman and all her bakers and makers for organising the cakes and produce ‘stall’ and to John Boyd for his wonderful wine offer
It is not too late to join in any of our online events. 
Art, photography, and Limericks, not to mention the Great UB Church Thank You Draw. Closing date, August 31st. Prizes and results to be announced in September 
Check out the details at uptonbishop.org and click on What's On and News or contact Olivia click here to contact
How do I donate?  
Your donation to church funds will automatically enter you for the Upton Bishop Church Thank You Lottery. You can donate in the following ways…:- please see electronic copy of magazine

We are advised not to use cash now, because of the risk of coronavirus infection.
Upton Bishop Church is now registered with easyfundraising, which means you can raise FREE donations for us every time you shop online. Over 4,000 shops and sites (e.g. M&S, Sainsbury, Fat face, White stuff, eBay, John Lewis, Amazon) will donate to us when you use easyfundraising to shop with them – at no extra cost to yourself! These donations really mount up and make a BIG difference to us (even if you switch your insurer or utility provider, they will make a donation to us) so we’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to sign up and support us. It is completely FREE and only takes a moment. You can find our easyfundraising page at see electronic copy of magazine
Thank you so much!
More details of activities can be found at uptonbishop.org, on social media Upton Bishop pages or by contacting Olivia click here to contact

We hope to welcome you back to real events in the church as soon as we can!

Cider, Perry, Lager and Blotto 
have been walking round Upton Bishop again, taking photos of themselves as they go. Unfortunately, they often get distracted and then they get lost. 

Look at the 12 pictures they have taken: can you identify where in the village they are?

 Answers in the September edition, see below for July Answers

July answers:
1.    Powell’s Croft 
2.    Chicory Crops shop
3.    Moody Cow
4.    The Crews
5.    Crow Hill crossroad
6.    Spring Meadow playground
7.    Crow Hill from the Bromsash road
8.    Powell Croft bus stop
9.    The Pastures
10.  Phocle bus stop
11.  Gayton
12.    The Community Orchard

It’s been a while so I thought an update was in order! The Larder has been busier since the Covid crisis, and e continue to see new individuals and families coming every week. We are expecting to see numbers rise again with the ending of the furlough period, and the possible restructuring of some businesses.
Morrisons have been great,and the corporate donations have arrived regularly, and will continue to do so for a few more weeks. Local donations via the trolleys in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons are steady, and we are still receiving donations every Tuesday, for which we are very grateful!  
We had a large donation of food this week from Tim, a sack of potatoes from a passer-by and our cake baking ladies have been busy- as you can see from the photos ! We are also receiving donations from Parsons and The Co-Op, and have just taken delivery of a lovely large box of flour from Gay at The Rumbling Tum. To give you an idea o what we need - we would love to have biscuits. Tinned meat, tinned fruit & vegetables,rice pudding, custard & washing-up liquid. Huge thanks to all who have helped us during this difficult period, and to all who continue to do so! Unfortunately, the need to feed is not going anywhere - but neither are we!


Clerk: - Richard Abolins click here to contact
Chairman:-  Keith Cornwall click here to contact
Vice-Chairman:- Brian Spencer

PARISH COUNCIL WEBSITE: http://uptonbishop.org/parish-council

Copy deadline for July edition - Saturday 8th August